Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The query now, to you, is WHATZIT?


  1. I think Robyn got this one right
    Pomegranate seeds are in my sight!

  2. Robyn, that's incredible!
    Some don't even know they're edible.
    It is good to see a new winner.
    J9 has been the answer spinner.
    She's usually here in nothing flat,
    To tell us all, "I know that!"
    I always try my best to teick her,
    But she gives the answer with a snicker.

  3. J9, you're very late tonight!
    It gave me quite a Whatzit fright.
    When your answer is not so quick,
    I think you're away, or maybe sick.

  4. woohooo I won I won.............LOL

  5. I lost by only nine minutes
    Not long a marathon in its
    But for a whatzit, an eternity
    Next time a win will come to me!

  6. It's pomegranate! one of my favourite fruits. The red colour is so appetizing!

  7. My gal Robyn is so sweet!!!!
    Dude...........what happened to your summer class post? That was absolutely hysterical and made me laugh so hard I almost fell outta my chair.
    Then, I told Prince about my "trophy wife" answer and now he wants to know what contest in hell he won???? I thought that was a rather 'strong' statement on his part. His dinner this week will be fishsticks for that lol. He also said for me to tell you that he would help you teach that class if you needed an assistant because he wants to be an asset to the community............whatever!!
    You're priceless Gordon :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  8. Yup! I knew those! Yum!