Thursday, August 19, 2010

What species of fish am I?

For the answer, go to the end of the next post. (Audrey's Whatzit)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Audrey's Whatzit


This whatzit comes to you today,
So we will have a game to play.
St. Augustine is where we've gotzit.
The question, now, for you, is WHATZIT?

The fish is a Spotted Soap Fish.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Barry - I do remember, and will not forget.

Thank you, Barry, for reinforcing in me a love for life, a love for the world around us, and most important of all, a love for our Creator. I posted this poem back in December. Every time I visited Barry's shoot-out I thought of it. It is about someone that appreciates God's creations, and is at peace with the fact that God will eventually take them home. Barry, you are home. I will miss you for a while. Save a soft chair for me and we will get to know one another better, in just a bit.


The forest dons its autumn veil
Of falling leaves, along the trail.
A painted carpet overwhelms
My venture into nature's realm.
The worn and weary path I take
Has disappeared beside the lake.
This glimpse of Heaven where I stand
Is, surely, work of God's own hand.
Across the water, miles away,
My journey's quest is on display.
It's brilliant cap can only be
A pure white crown of deity.
The mount, so distant, yet so near,
Is master of this mortal sphere.
Emblazoned by the setting sun,
Our finest hour has begun.
The tabernacle of my soul
Is wearing out and growing old.
Before I bridge that great divide
My temple must be laid aside.
This woodland shroud of gold and red
Will, rightfully, reclaim its dead,
But, God shall grant eternal breath
Beyond the reservoir of death.
We made a covenant, you see,
The mountain, forest, lake and me.
They vowed to touch the hearts of men,
And, I agreed to let them in.
They sculpted majesty and grace,
That I do honor and embrace.
As autumn fades, the lake is lost.
When winter comes, I'll walk across.
Copyright-Gordon Hand-2007

Thursday, April 22, 2010


A tiny acorn in the wild
Is, somewhat, like a little child.
Small children need our loving care,
But, for an acorn, help is rare.
It takes a planter, kind and wise,
To hear their silent fervent cries.
If we could like the planter be,
And take the time to save a tree,
Or help a child grow strong and tall,
They, both, would surely bless us all.
It takes a planter to invoke
The spirit of a mighty oak.
So, may we always do our part
To teach a child in mind and heart.
As planters, may we live to see
An endless oaken canopy.
Copyright-Gordon Hand

Thanks for stopping by. Help a child grow strong and tall.
May all of your children and grandchildren have the spirit of a mighty oak. Earth Days will be great, forever.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Make Me Smile

Thank you, Kerry, for the chance to smile, today.
As I begin another day,
It is for simple things I pray.
Lord, consecrate my rod n' reel,
And bless my worms with fish appeal.
Copyright--Gordon Hand
Big Fish Smile

Little Fish Smile

St. Augustine tourist shop smile.

Grandchild Smile (The best of all)

Thanks to everyone. I can use all of the smiles I can get.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Country Roads

Hello, to all of the Friday Shoot-out gang. Thank you for posting shots of country roads. They renew my enthusiasm for life when I am on them. When I pass from this life to the Pearly Gates, I pray that it is along a wildflower lined country road.

Since this week is a theme of my choosing, I would be ungrateful if I did not thank you for your dedication. The spirit lives on! Thanks, again.

Walk With Faith! Gordon

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shoot-out Part II----Aquarium Addendum

I thought my friends in the shoot-out gang might enjoy this time lapse shot taken (not by me), from one of our local county bridges, of the space shuttle launch, this week. I guess from space our blue earth does fill the bill as an aquarium.
This is one of those times that I wish I had been there with my camera.
More than likely, this will be the very last night launch of the shuttle. The few remaining liftoffs are scheduled for daytime. We are seeing the dramatic end of an era in our space exploration.
Proceed to Aquariums, below.

Shoot-out: Aquariums

Let me begin by saying that I have never had an aquarium. It is not exciting for me to watch fish swimming around in such small captive spaces. Besides, it is hard to find a fishing pole small enough operate, there.
My favorite aquarium is the great outdoors. Below is a good example. Click on the photo and try to count the Salmon swiming upstream. Keep in mind that every ripple on the surface of the water and every fin you see is another fish. My grandson caught a few when I took him, then called his mom to say, "We need to move to Alaska."

After the great Exxon Valdez oil spill, near Valdez, Alaska, years ago, Exxon paid Alaska a kazillion dollars in fines and payments of lawsuit awards. With part of the money, Alaska built a wildlife center in Seward. These are a few shots through the glass window of the aquarium.

Yellow-Eyed Rock Fish

Sea Lion

Seal at the entrence.

One of those cutsie things that grow, there.

Another cutsie thing.
In St. Augustine we, also, have a salt water aquatics center.
Jamie and Jared at the Dolphin performing pool.

The Dolphin, playing basketball.

Marineland is not the tourist attraction that it once was. Since Sea World opened in Orlando our aquarium has been sold and is, now, mainly a marine research facility for the University of Florida.
Thanks for stopping by. See you down the road.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shoot-out: Looking up and looking down.

Thanks for dropping by. Here are a few of my favorite "looking up" and "looking down" shots from my stash. This could be a different interpretation than some expect. It was said, a long time ago, "There are no rules!"

Looking up can be memorable.

Looking down the backsides of my eyelids.

Looking upstream.

Looking downstream.

Definitely, looking down!

Looking up! Eyes wide open!

Looking up to a lifetime of angling.

Double barreled looking up.

My little buddy, looking up.


Looking further downstream, for a spot to fish.

Things are, definitely, looking up!

Looking down at Sockeye Salmon, all around.

We caught a few Halibut to look up to!

Looking "down the road" to a feast on Halibut.
Looking forward to taking more shots like these!
Look me up! We'll wet a line, together.
Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shoot-out: BIRDS

Scriptor had a great idea!
Thanks for the theme, my friend.

Actually, I cheated on this photo. It is one that our own Mark (B&B) shot, when he was just a boy. This prehistoric fellow is PROTOAVIS. I think Mark's real name is PROTOMARKUS. No, I'm just kidding, Mark, maybe.
We have our fair share of Seagulls, here in St. Augustine. If you have a loaf of bread in your hands, they are apt to take on the personality of their cousins in the movie, THE BIRDS.
I believe this young flier's name is Jonathan Livingston. When I approached him, he was off to soaring, and acrobatics practice.
Seagulls enjoy our fishing trips as much as we do.

It is hard to tell the difference between a hegull and a shegull.

Our granddaughters' favorite Disney bird.

Our grandson, Jared, in a perfect Swan (dive).

Could we votem for the bird on this totem?

Parenting is the glue that holds families together.

There's one in every crowd. This white duck, at our lake house, thinks it's a Mallard.

Why must I always catch the smidgens, when I look up to see the pigeons?

We named these chickens "Good With Dumlins" and "Finger Lickin'."

Even though it is often a scavenger, our founding fathers chose a beautiful bird, in the Bald Eagle, as the symbol of our nation.

This is a closeup shot of an Egret. You may be able to see it better if the gator opens its mouth. We lose many of our aquatic birds to gators, especially baby ducks, in the spring.

Thanks for visiting. Come see us. Call me in advance, and I'll see if we can arrange a Gator Ride for you. They offer them, for free!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Please post an answer on my blog.
It's neither a frog nor a polliwog.
In St. Augustine is where I've gotzit
The query now, to you, is whatzit?

If you are Willie, or a member of my family, you are ineligible to compete.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Muse Monday: I Love a Bath

A Bath! A Bath! I love a bath!
In mountain lake or back at home,
In water clear or churning foam,
A bath! A bath! I love a bath!
Neath ocean wave or waterfall,
A Thmall Mouth Bath ith betht of all!
Copyright* Gordon Hand