Friday, July 30, 2010

Barry - I do remember, and will not forget.

Thank you, Barry, for reinforcing in me a love for life, a love for the world around us, and most important of all, a love for our Creator. I posted this poem back in December. Every time I visited Barry's shoot-out I thought of it. It is about someone that appreciates God's creations, and is at peace with the fact that God will eventually take them home. Barry, you are home. I will miss you for a while. Save a soft chair for me and we will get to know one another better, in just a bit.


The forest dons its autumn veil
Of falling leaves, along the trail.
A painted carpet overwhelms
My venture into nature's realm.
The worn and weary path I take
Has disappeared beside the lake.
This glimpse of Heaven where I stand
Is, surely, work of God's own hand.
Across the water, miles away,
My journey's quest is on display.
It's brilliant cap can only be
A pure white crown of deity.
The mount, so distant, yet so near,
Is master of this mortal sphere.
Emblazoned by the setting sun,
Our finest hour has begun.
The tabernacle of my soul
Is wearing out and growing old.
Before I bridge that great divide
My temple must be laid aside.
This woodland shroud of gold and red
Will, rightfully, reclaim its dead,
But, God shall grant eternal breath
Beyond the reservoir of death.
We made a covenant, you see,
The mountain, forest, lake and me.
They vowed to touch the hearts of men,
And, I agreed to let them in.
They sculpted majesty and grace,
That I do honor and embrace.
As autumn fades, the lake is lost.
When winter comes, I'll walk across.
Copyright-Gordon Hand-2007


  1. Gordon,

    This is is even more beautiful now than it was when you originally posted it. Thank-you for your remembering of Barry. I feel like we are all a part of something much, much bigger, and I am proud to share that with you, and all of my friends.

  2. Have you been out of the radar. I have noticed your absence.

    This is such a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing your faith which is mine as well.

    Indeed Barry made FSO a close knit group. I am glad he invited me. This meme is the one I like most. It is small and intimate.

  3. we missed you Gordon! Welcome back!

  4. Gordon, that is such a beautiful poem - it literally brought tears to my eyes. I believe that Barry is smiling down from heaven as he re-reads your oh so eloquent words. Wonderful tribute!

  5. I'm glad you came back for the tribute to Barry. It was beautiful.

  6. This is a beautiful poem; I love how you ended it with winter and the ability, at that time, to walk across. Barry would be so moved my this. Thanks for offering this tribute; it's so good to see you again.

  7. A beautiful poem and tribute to Barry x

  8. nice to hear from you Gordon! the poem is a perfect tribute to Barry.

  9. Lovely to see you return for this special tribute to Barry. It was wonderful!