Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shoot-out Part II----Aquarium Addendum

I thought my friends in the shoot-out gang might enjoy this time lapse shot taken (not by me), from one of our local county bridges, of the space shuttle launch, this week. I guess from space our blue earth does fill the bill as an aquarium.
This is one of those times that I wish I had been there with my camera.
More than likely, this will be the very last night launch of the shuttle. The few remaining liftoffs are scheduled for daytime. We are seeing the dramatic end of an era in our space exploration.
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  1. Wow, beautiful! Have you seen Harold's shots of the same launch? Also really amazing.

  2. I am sure you will be getting a lot of Wow's on here! You might even win a photography award for this shot Gordon and I bet there is a poem in this post somewhere...

  3. Great shot, and it is too bad there are no additional night launches.

  4. There are only a few times that the over used word "awesome" is an appropriate descriptive. This is one of those times.

    That is just one awesome photo.

  5. did you see 'Harold, thru the lens' shots of the shuttle last week, need to go see if you've not. He went with his camera - wish I'd been there.

  6. Wow!!! what a beautiful photo. My 7 year old Tongan student told me he went to USA. Where? Disney land? Yes, I also went to this place where the rockets go up the sky.

    I guess he was there with you that night you took the photo.

  7. we watched in on tv and it was so amazing. I would love to be there and see a launch!