Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Please post an answer on my blog.
It's neither a frog nor a polliwog.
In St. Augustine is where I've gotzit
The query now, to you, is whatzit?

If you are Willie, or a member of my family, you are ineligible to compete.


  1. Noe Noe, it wouls sink,
    But, you certainly don't stink.
    A sinker, is not its name.
    Try again in this whatzit game.

  2. Since your clue rhyme
    is different this time
    I'll cast a spell
    and guess seashell

  3. You don't miss a thing, Miss J9
    But, I'm afraid you bought my hook and line.
    Not a sinker, not a shell.
    Now, where will you cast your spell?

  4. It is not from the voodoo or the occult,
    But, this whatzit may be difficult.
    Or, with your regular squeezy,
    It might prove to be easy.

  5. OK, I'll risk the fall
    and guess a stress ball

  6. The qualities of a stress ball, it does lack.
    It's hard enough to break ones back.

  7. A coconut, or a fosilized orange
    I'm sure you'd like a barage
    Let's go with nut or seed or rock
    that's really all I got

  8. There are a few others that I thought you would guess.
    A cannon ball would have impressed.
    However, Wednesday is the whatzit day.
    Someone else might want to play.
    It is not any of your guesses, by definition.
    It's not a cannon ball or other ammunition.
    Very few Floridians know what these whatzits are.
    They are described on the www, of which you are a star.
    As you said in your whatzit, the other day,,
    One guess is closer than others, I'd say.

  9. Stuck in a rut so I'll say
    Its a chocolate covered macadamia nut.

  10. Yes, I would say you are a nut.
    It is not a macadamia, but,
    It would be called one of the things J9 said,
    If, on this whatzit, you were not well read.

  11. I will be gone until tomorrow. If you must know the answer to th whatzit,
    At the end of the last Friday shoot-out is where I've gotzit.
    Have a great day!
    Thanks for coming to play.

  12. Glad you didn't reveal the answer.

    If you were in malaysia, I will say it is a rubber seed.

    Is it an avacado seed?

  13. It is not a seed. It is not a musket shot.
    It however, is a natural anomaly. Alive, it's not.
    I have it in St. Augustine,
    But, this is not from where it's gleaned.

  14. You are a hard teacher,
    Give us more clues, sir.

    Is it edible?
    Is it useable?

    Is it from a tree?
    Can I get it for free?

  15. This whatzit was even found on Mars,
    By one of the little remote controlled NASA cars.

  16. A moqui marble is one of its regional names,
    But, what it really is, must be the answer in the Whatzit game.