Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The query now, to you, is WHATZIT!


  1. Gordon you can't be serious
    You were right to think I'd be furious!
    For all I can tell
    It may be a rose petal
    Then again it is so fuzzy and pink
    It could be the remnants of lunch in the sink
    My final guess for this round is fit
    I'll say belly button lint!

  2. But, I thought you were the greatest Whatzit wizard in the nation.
    This will require you use your wild imagination.
    Poor J9. Don't look at just a fraction.
    Expand your view and visualize all of the action.

  3. Well now you've got me wracking my brain
    so I will have to guess again
    Looks as abstract as a fig
    could it be a flying pig?
    Another thought from this coast
    is one of Ms. PacMan's ghosts
    Oh wait a minute, now I see
    Two profiles in front of me!
    You made me squint and turn my head
    But I think I got it in the end!

  4. The object you see is not a splinter.
    The scene is in the coldest winter.
    How could we ever, ever forget,
    Our fuzzy, fluffy, little pet.

  5. It cannot be,
    the earlier pictures do deceive
    Another rhyme with fuzzy and fluffy
    Please say it isn't little scruffy!

  6. Remember this and don't forget
    A real rodent could never be my pet.
    Now! Now! Don't get too huffy.
    This pet would chase a real live Scruffy.

  7. Look at all of the picture. What do you see?
    Why would I say it's wintery?
    What does it look like in a blizard?
    This pet would also chase a lizard.

  8. I'm impressed with your endless wit,
    But, now is the time to show your grit.
    Others may go in, out of the cold,
    But, J9 will endure 'til she sees the bowl.
    Visualize what just might be.
    Your imagination is the key.

  9. You have been taught since you were young,
    That you don't call a masterpiece a tongue.
    A tongue, in the photo, may very well be,
    But, the answer to the whatzit is the whole scene you see.

  10. Ok then Gordon I'll try once more
    to decipher this scene of yore
    A toungue of lovely pink
    Licking a frosted window I think.

  11. You and Noe Noe have certainly made a dent,
    But, I suggest looking back at previous hints.

  12. Another hint to you both I carry.
    Part of the masterpiece is from a dairy.

  13. Now I'm getting tired
    my mind in details is mired
    we'll have another go with this ilk
    A kitty cat licking up milk?

  14. What color is the cat?
    And what's more than that,
    What's going on around him to to make the pictur whole?
    And, last of all, what color is the bowl?
    All of these that the kittyis among.
    Explains why you can only see its tongue.

  15. Ok I will take another shot
    At this Whatzit I am nearly lost:

    A Cat of white
    A tongue of pink
    In a snowstorm I would think
    The bowl must also be
    a white color or we would see
    the milk against the bowl
    Or am I crying fowl.

    The other alternative bowl color
    Would be clear as glass so as not to palor
    And if you are as clever as I've amasses
    It may even be made of milk glass.

  16. A white cat drinking milk from a white bowl in a snowstorm! You've found the pace!
    It's as easy as the nose on your face.