Sunday, May 3, 2009


Please post an answer on my blog.
It's neither seashell, nor a frog.
Your test today is not so hard.
I'm growing this beauty in my yard.
St. Augustine is where we've gotzit.
The query now, to you, is WHATZIT?
Winner! Winner! Yippy...yee!
My shout goes out to GingerV!


  1. Though it is painted all purple and blue,
    it might as well be a canoe.
    Only weeds grow in my yard.
    Oh, this "Whatzit" is very hard!

    So just to play along with the game
    I will say its a flower
    but I don't know its name.

  2. I'm sorry, I will not give a hint.
    Until J9's guess has come and went.
    She does her research and is so clever,
    She will not get this! No, not ever!

  3. this is a flower of a bromeliad

  4. GingerV from "flowers and more"
    Another bloom you must explore!
    Bromeliads are a wonderous sight,
    But, your guess is just not right.

  5. pineapple....? which is a bromeliad??????
    look J9 cant be your only winner..!

  6. Yes! Oh, yes! It is true!
    I now must tip my hat to you!
    I didn't know it was a bromeliad.
    You probably even know the Illiad.
    To your greatness I now bow.
    J9 has won enough, anyhow.

  7. thank you!!!! whoopee whoopee!!!!!

  8. GingerV my gal beat me to it? I actually did know this one!! (for real this time Gordon. I promise.....pinky swear and all).
    Hey cool Daddy-O, would you be so kind as to add my gal Yaya from Yaya Stuff to our Friday Shoot-Out list? She says she's in like Flynn this week (memba that one Papa).
    You're awesome dude...........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl


  10. Congratulations to GingerV
    A botanist I cannot be
    To her should go the spoils
    And to Gordon, a pox of boils!

  11. J9 turned and tossed,
    But, she still lost,
    And, now she tries to dirt me.
    Sticks and stones
    will break my bones,
    But, words will never hurt me!

  12. Dude you're the best
    I'm leaving the nest
    I'm trading out Bagman
    Cuz you're my new Stag-man!!!
    (dude, I'm sorry!!!! I'm so not a poet am I???, LOL)

    Steady On AND Walk In Faith
    Reggie Girl