Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Please post an answer on my blog.
It's neither seashell nor a frog.
My children's children cannot see
Why this whatzit belongs to me.
St. Augustine is where I've gotzit.
The query now, to you, is WHATZIT?


  1. Your pictures leave a vague impression
    The clues are a mere suggestion
    I will take the bait
    And guess it is a hand weight

    My secondary guess may give me hope
    The handle of a tow rope

    My final guess is just a trick
    The handle grip for a pogo stick

  2. J9, you always perservere,
    But, you are wrong, my dear.
    Put your thinking more in alignment
    With this weeks shoot-out assignment.

  3. Your second set of clues
    Only gives me the blues
    If you use it to get around
    The streets and alleys of your town
    It must be something that you like
    I’ll say the handle to a bike

    I thought guessing that would be too easy
    Up too late was making me queasy

  4. It's not a handle
    Or a candle.
    It's not a search light, or a lamp.
    But you might find it on a ramp.

  5. R2D2, here's the clue your looking for.
    A guy named Hawk, many "dudes" adore.
    His craze has spread across the nation
    While teens all give him salutations.
    This whatzit is a modern version
    Of the earlier "board" excursions.
    To win the game,
    Just give me it's name.

  6. Dude........I hate to be the one to hoard
    It's not a fish, a plant or a sword
    I'm not as sure as sure can be cored
    But is it an axel for a skateboard??

    (I'm about to e-mail you Cool Daddy-O)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  7. It is time to end this thing,
    Since no one seems to want to sing.
    The skateboard picture is one of the latest,
    And, in my opinion, one of the greatest.
    A "Rip Stick" has in-line single casters
    And required a little practice to master.