Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shoot-out - Outdoor Food

As you know, I recently returned from a fishing trip to Alaska. Alaska is a smorgasbord of outdoor food, so, I am posting a few shots of our open-air market.
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This valley was filled to the brim with a thick fog (cloud). We had just driven through it, climbing above the soup, to take this photo.

This photo was of the same valley a day later, minus the fog.

Just after sunrise, I took this shot of the boat we would be fishing on all day for our outdoor food, Halibut and Rock Fish that we will be grilling for months to come.

On a different day, we rented a skiff to fish out of Resurrection Bay, near Seward. Two Bald Eagles were perched in the trees on the cliffs above us at one of our fishing stops. When we threw back Rock Fish that were, too, small for us, we discovered that they were perfect outdoor food for the eagles. What an adventure it was, taking photos and videos as they swooped down five feet from the boat to capture our rejects.

The moment of the catch was, sometimes, hard to time , but my friend, Lyle, had the optimum angle to shoot the perfect shots. I wish I could say I took the photos, but I was operating the boat.

If you look closely, you can see the fish that we had just released in the water. What majestic creatures these eagles are. It is sad to say that in many areas they have been reduced to scavingers. They do adapt to survive, however.
The largest of the fish we released made for a slow climb after a capture.

On another day, as we were fishing from the bank, in Valdez, for salmon, a mother Brown Bear and her two yearling cubs showed up to do a little fishing of their own. Brown Bear cubs often stay with the mother for two full years. We were thinking, at that point, that we didn't want to become outdoor food.

This shot is from a previous trip to Alaska. We were filleting Red Salmon.
Sockeyes are considered the best of the best in outdoor grilling fare.

Some outdoor food does not give up, easily, without a fight. King Salmon are sought after because of their staying power in a fight, and because of their size, as well as a delicious taste.

New York is where we target Kings, because you can keep three per day. I promise, my friend, James, caught three of those.

In this shot, two weeks ago, my friends Dee Ann and Lyle were enjoying lunch at Copper Center, Alaska, near the Klutina River.

Back home, in St. Augustine, a new restaurant recently opened, nearby.

Mexican cafes are, usually, very colorful. This one is not an exception.

At the lake, we have had many memorable cookouts over an open fire.
Hot Dogs and marshmellows don't last long when the grandchildren are around. If you're ever near our area, we would love to share some outdoor food adventures with you.

I know that with 77 members, some of you had a birthday this week. Happy Birthday. Here is your outdoor cake. Patty will cut it for you.

My granddaughter, Klarissa, enjoyed a birthday party, while we were on the road, at the outdoor McDonalds playground. I just couldn't resist getting her into the action.
Thank you for visiting. I'll see you at your blogs, soon.
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P.S. Following this post is another tribute to outdoor food posted earlier this week.


  1. Beautiful photos! and that granddaughter of yours sure is pretty.

  2. Loved the shots of the bear and the eagle - gorgeous!

  3. WOW! Gordon, the photos of the bald eagles are absolutely awesome. What an opportunity! The salmon are beauties - hope you got some halibut on your trip as well. I could eat halibut every night!

  4. Your "smorgasbord" is truly a feast for the eyes, Gordon. The eagle photos are incredible. You were definitely in the right place at the right time. Your granddaughter is beautiful -- love those blue eyes!

    I'm looking forward to participating for the first time in the shoot-out today.



  5. I took pictures of hot dogs. Somehow your shots seem a lot more adventurous!

    Great photos as always Gordon (especially the eagles)!

  6. beautiful shots of Alaska. how totally exciting to see and get photos of bald eagles!! I would be in heaven! love the cake shot........yummy!

  7. We used to get Alaskan smoked salmon from a friend who went to fish there in the summer. Delicious. Great shots!

  8. What a pretty little girl!

    The eagle: You have to blow up the photos to see it but in the first and third photo that is eagle is concentrating on his catch. In the second photo, he is so watching you. I love it.

    You make me want to pack up my gear and head to Alaska. Beautiful country, Gordon, and you portrayed it so well.

    Of course, I would not bother to bring any fishing gear because we have decided that we have no fishing genes and that you simply can not fish without being born with fishing genes.

    Oh, the boat framed by the tree is a super shot.

  9. Can't believe all the wonderful shots that you have in this post! I'm almost speachless. Just awesome as always!

  10. Wow-O-Wow!! Gordon, you've shared some really wonderful photos with us. My hubby and I have always wanted to visit Alaska...maybe one day :) but until then, I'm going to re-visit these pic's now and then to keep the dream alive.

    Thank you!

  11. Looks like you had a wonderful time up North! Love your pictures!

  12. What incredible shots...the salmon teeth are scary. The boat in the mist through the driftwood should be in a frame on a wall!

  13. Salmon could be the yummiest food on earth! Your eagle photographs are fantastic! They are such powerful predators, scooping those gnarlly salmon right out of the water like that. A back issue of Canadian Geographic has a picture of an eagle walking. Everyone captures them flying or nesting.... it was so different. I loved your hospitality verse. The images were so comforting. Thank you for sharing your memorable photographs today. Have a great week!

  14. Incredible pictures! I love, love, love the one of the mountain peak framed by the bright flowers.

  15. Oh, wow. WOW! That eagle...the bear - that fish!


  16. I can't believe it (yes I can!) I was by early this morning and forgot to leave a comment - I think this happens more often than I remember(? bad sentence?)

    the mexican kitchen looks like an interesting place to eat - how is the food? probably not as good as Houston's mexican food - in Florida prabably taste more Cubano.
    Now I remember I went and got Camillo and said come look at these photos we HAVE to go to Alaska - then we had an arguement about travel and .... well you know the rest.

  17. All lovely but that 3rd shot took my breath away!

  18. Your wildlife pictures are amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing with us. I am craving fish now, too.

  19. Great shots but I'm particularly partial to the eagle and bear photos - awesome!

  20. Oh how majestic it all must have been...jealous here...your right no bear is going to have me as their outdoor food, if they did they would never have another salmon again, well hubby says...

  21. I don't even know where to begin. The views, the eagle, the bear ....just so spectacular ..I'm going to have to add Alaska to my wish list.

  22. Great post. The eagle shots are awesome! Very fun visiting here today.

  23. Wow...gorgeous photos...the eagle is breathtaking! And I do love that Mexican eatery :D

  24. Great pictures and what a beautiful little girl, thanks for sharing

  25. Back for another look...i can't get enough of the pictures of Wild Alaska.

  26. Gordon! Absolutely fantastic photos!!!! I love those first two...but then again, the eagles are amazing! What a gift to have been able to see them so close!
    Incredible! Thank you!

  27. you guys had big catches and great shots! I love to eat fish always. I like all the the photos, the snowed mountain view with some flowers and the boat shot and all. Keep inspiring Gordon!