Sunday, August 23, 2009


Look what lurks in Mary's theme!
This whatzit is a J9 dream.
It is a face we can all adore.
Tell me: "Whatzit?" and "Whatzit for?"


  1. I;ll answer yes or no to your questions.
    Solve it by number fifteen
    And you'll give me indigestion.
    J9 has been the whatzit queen.
    May this put her in depression.

  2. You just may do me in this time
    Especially demonic when done in rhyme
    IS it carved to resemble
    a famous person alive today?
    The answer to this will help me assemble
    anothe question without delay.

  3. It doesn't look like the Dalai Lama,
    But it does resemble someone named Obama.
    This is not a clue.
    I'm just messin' with you.

  4. Is it's place of origin
    Easter Island, where to begin?

  5. on the side of the pyramids in Mexico city there are very simular gods (icons) is it in a museum? course given our topic this week it is someplace you wouldn't expect it to be.... say a restaurant.

  6. I can see that really wasn't a guess and now I must leave to go walk on the beach in Salvador Bahia.... have a great day - you and J9

  7. As a dirty old man, I say it is a fertility god.

  8. This whatzit aits in a museum, today.
    Ms. Ginger should hang around and play.
    #3 Yes
    12 more guesses, or maybe less.

  9. Si's mind is in the gutter!
    Such sexual things that you utter!
    #4 is No.
    11 guesses left to go.

  10. As the Whatzit ruler of this blog,
    I can see the coming fog.
    I declare the guesses will be extended,
    Yes, beyond what was intended.
    I will allow a total of twenty five
    To keep your solving hopes alive.
    In 11 more guesses it may not be done,
    So I will grant you twenty one.

  11. Let's see if we can narrow down this game
    Is it's continent of origin and
    where it is displayed
    One and the same?

  12. #5 is No.
    20 questions left to go.

  13. Is it on display
    in one of the My Towns
    of shootout fame?

  14. #6 is No.
    19 questions left to go.

    I must go now, for a while,
    But, I reakky like your style.

  15. No, you don't have a reakky style.

  16. ok, time to try a bargain
    is the continent of origin
    One of the Americas?
    I think because
    I have been searching high and low
    with no energy left to go!

  17. The museum is in the U.S.,
    I will confess.
    The origin of the whatzit would not fail ya. If you did your search near _______.

  18. If you want to accomplish your task,
    I would not research statue or mask.

  19. Oh, I almost forgot,
    you took another shot.
    #7 is a No.
    18 questions left to go.

  20. How could a whatzit be from a highland,
    And also be from an island?

  21. To your recolection is it part of a private collection?

  22. Old man,
    your riddles are such a boar, I would have to guess thats an Oar.

  23. That Oar is for a Inuit Whale boat?

  24. If I am right an that is true only a true fisherman would solve your clue.

  25. To J9, I must say no.
    Sixteen guesses left to go.

  26. As for Willie, your so smug!
    Have you been drinking from a jug?
    A real fisherman would never say
    This whatzit is an oar. No way!
    I tried to call you Monday night.
    Fishing was a total delight.
    I caught eight trout and two flounder.
    The biggest was a seven pounder.
    You have no hope of glory, here, sir.
    To you, this whatzit is a blur.

  27. J9, the key to solving this whatzit quiz
    Is to determine what it is.
    It's not a mask and not a statue.
    Too much searching will surely catch you.
    Think what natives might use this for.
    It's quite unusual in jungle lore.

  28. Sixteen questions will serve you well
    Say where and why, and yes or no I'll tell.

  29. I,ve seen this before, give a moment and I am sure I can figure this out and maybe you might Choke on those Trout.

  30. Gordon, please do not be so Snub, that little picture is of a seal Club.

  31. You deserve the ultimate of curses.
    May your daughters lose their hair
    May your sons all carry purses
    May all your fish be eaten by bears.

  32. Willie, surely you do not think
    That answer's right. It stinks!

  33. This object is not made of Birch,
    But, you could find one at your church.

  34. Camillo thinks it a staff of a medicne man or healer but won't guess further. all I know is that my sinus infection makes my face feel just like that.

  35. Gordon my old friend you are such a Lug I would have to say thats a carving of your Mug and a good one at that carved so well with a little hat just wait and by the time I,m done I'll use you for bait.

  36. A crucifix, a mug, a staff!
    Each one is a terrible gaff.
    I'll just take two more guesses away
    That leaves 14 more in this whatzit play.

  37. I am certain I have seen this before, You've got my curiosity I must implore. I will take my one of my last two guesses and Canker, is it the head of an anchor?

  38. An anchor is as low as you can get.
    You would have looked up to this if the you two had met.

  39. 13 guesses left., my friends.
    Whether you get it all depends
    On how wisely your questions drop.
    Guessing wildly perhaps should stop.
    A well thought out question or two
    Might give new direction to you.

  40. Just a quick question is that a crown on it's head?

  41. Guess #13 is No.
    12 questions left to go!

  42. Question #14 is No.
    11 more left to go!
    You can figure its origin out
    Withou a doubt,
    If you will use
    My previous clues/

  43. If I took you there, I would sail ya'
    To an area near Austrailia.

  44. Gordon my old chum, I feel a bit Glum, I would rather learn to play a fiddle then to try and solve this riddle, Out my back door I now hear a Coyote Howl a I must admit I have to throw in the towel. However, before I go some things I admit I just don't know. With that Now said I am off to bed.

  45. OK, I've got the following clues
    That I will now use
    Just a clues list:
    In US museum
    Origin is an Island
    With Highlands
    Unusual for a Jungle
    Not a Statue nor a Mask
    Found in a Church
    Near Australia
    My searches have taken me to Indonesia before
    As well as Papua New Guinea
    But the style of artifact does not match
    what I am finding, natch...
    I will continue to search and strive
    Until this whatzit is mine to have

  46. Before you find yourself in a lurch,
    I believe the clue said AT a church.
    Before I break down with amnesia,
    I should also mention Melanesia.
    To give you just one more added cramp,
    This whatzit also has something in common with a lamp.

  47. Give up on this whatzit and you'll be beaten.
    If you desecrated this whatzit you would have been eaten.

  48. I reviewed
    The clues for you.
    You missed one important fact
    I can't tell you. That's a fact.
    So I don't get caught up in your rancor,
    Review my response to the guess of, anchor.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. You may find one of these at a church or a lamp.
    Consider that in your whatzit solving camp.

  51. Never Worry, Never Fret
    I found it at The Met!
    The Melanesia clue was the key
    To solving this whatzit with glee
    I'd searched The islands I had said, as well as New Caledonia, Solomon and the Museum of Oceania with my head.
    But Vanuatu was not in my search
    For that, I nearly was besmirched!

    Gable Ornament (P'naret), mid-20th century
    Big Nambas people, Malakula Island, Vanuatu
    Fern wood
    H. 41 in. (104.1 cm)
    The Michael C. Rockefeller Memorial Collection, Bequest of Nelson A. Rockefeller, 1979 (1979.206.1584)

    Among the Big Nambas people of northwest Malakula Island in Vanuatu, the center of male social and religious life is, or was, the men's ceremonial house (amèl), which served as a meeting place and for the storage of sacred objects. The peak of the towering triangular facade of the amèl was adorned with a gable ornament (p'naret) carved from fern wood (the fibrous trunk of a tree fern composed of aerial roots surrounding a woody core). Portraying the face of the founding ancestor of the amèl, the p'naret was mounted horizontally, allowing the ancestor to gaze down at the entrance. As each man entered or left, he was scrutinized by the ancestor, who could inflict supernatural punishment on individuals unauthorized to enter or who had committed violations of customary law.

    The ancestral faces on the p'naret are highly stylized, with the upper and lower portions compressed and the central section greatly enlarged. A central vertical ridge representing the nose is flanked by large triangular nostrils. Protruding cheekbones, often mistaken for eyes by Western observers, appear above the nostrils and the eyes are reduced to small lozenge shapes incorporated into the brow ridge.

  52. That was great fun.
    I know so much more now than when it was begun.
    I was careful not to reveal in the beginning,
    Facts that would take you to winning.
    You endured to the very end.
    Congratulations to you, my friend.

  53. Gordon - you have no idea how many thousands of images I scanned for this, nor how many hours I spent in pursuit! It was all worth it though, because I too learned something new!
    Thank you for a delightful chase!