Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday Shoot-out - Anastasia Park

Anastasia State Park has never been featured in any of my shoot-out assignments. It is a VERY popular getaway for St. Augustine tourists, and locals alike. It is, basically, a beach campground and water sport mecca. I apologize for the haziness of the photos. While we have not had very much rain this week, it has been mostly cloudy and very breezy.
I do not have photos of the park campground, but, it is top notch, with indoor restrooms, hot showers and playgrounds.

The sandy beaches, which are protected by sea oat covered dunes, are the main attraction of this beautiful park.

Surf fishing is very popular, but on breezy days anglers often prefer the great fishing of the salt water river along the main road inside the park.. The day of these shots was quite windy.

Artists often set up at picturesque areas. I stopped and looked over this artist's shoulder to see his view. The trees in his painting are more typical of south Florida palms than those in our area. There were no trees in his viewing area, so I assumed he was using the marsh grass as a model for his foreground.

At the beach parking area you can see the lighthouse on the horizon. Enlarge the photo and see if you can pick it out to the right of the tree.

On the river, within the park, the state leases a shack to a water sport enterprise.

They rent out kayaks by the hour.

Or, if you would prefer something more exotic, they also have wind surfing catamarans, pattle boats, etc. The woman at the office told me she could make me proficient at the wind surfing with a 15 minute lesson.

The roads and, especially, the hiking trails are very unique with the wind blown bur oaks, palm trees and palmettos.


Down by the beach, showers are available to wash off the salt after a swim in the surf. The little store offers a wide variety of refreshments and sandwiches, or you may choose to rent one of their surfboards. I would pay admission to see J9, ChefE or Ginger hang ten in our surf. (Ladies, "hang ten" means to hang your ten toes over the front of your board while you surf.)

After a time in the sun, shaded picnic areas are available for your enjoyment. Most of them have adjoining playgrounds for the toddlers.

Looking out over the beach never fails to spark my imagination.

Entrances to the catwalks crossing the dunes to the beach have warning signs posted about dangerous undertows and riptides.

On a rough surf day such as this dangerous currents are almost guaranteed. Thus, no swimmers.

The ocean is a lady of many moods, excited, angry, and romantic, to mention a few.

Dunes line the east coast of Florida, often being the only protection offered to homeowners during storms.

On red flag days it is best to just explore and search for shells, sand dollars and sharks teeth in the sand.

Many of you in the north have snow barrier fences. We have sand barrier fences by the dunes.

The dunes are home for many creatures. The dens of gopher tortoises offer free lodging for rattle snakes, mice and other freeloaders.

Where there are insects, we need exterminators.

It is unlawful to pick the seaoats along the coast.

Seaoats: the answer to the whatzit.
No, I didn't pick these. They were on the ground.


I was lazy and did not research the name of this beautiful plant. It is about three feet across. They are abundant in the dune areas of the park.

It has been so warm here that many of the plants along the beach catwalk were in springlike bloom.


Lighthouse Park is near Anastasia State Park. The earlier, distant lighthouse view was from the far end of the Anastasia. This view is closer to the entrance.

Thank you for visiting. Hope to see you again next week.

Walk with faith.


  1. Some wonderful shots here Gordon! The beaches and seaoats remind me of Ockracoke Island, NC. One of my most favorite places!

  2. love your shots of the lake and beach looking through the grasses. so much like Lake Michigan here. wonderful!! have a great weekend!!

  3. Can never go wrong with photos of the shore - beautiful!

  4. Lovely photos, beautiful place. Love the photo of the sand barrier fence.

  5. This looks like a really nice beach. I love your shot of the shack and the boats. Is it unlawful to pick the oatleafs that have fallen to the ground? That seems very odd to me. Gordon, I am always too lazy to do research on the plants in my photos. I always say this pretty flower or that green plant, etc, etc. Oh, I love all the huge trees on your beach. They are magnificent.

    And I never knew the meaning behind the Hang Ten logo. Thanks for that little tidbit. :)

  6. I am fascinated by those trees! Nothing like them up here in PA!

  7. Great photos. My favorites were the one with the red and yellow kayaks (like a metaphor for a couple on the beach together) and those arching trees--really beautiful.

  8. Great stuff. My favorites were the Red Flag Day shot and the one right below it.

  9. Lovely photos, Gordon! How fun to see artists at work there. I love your lighthouse - ours is boring white with green!