Friday, April 10, 2009

Known Shoot-out Blogs

If you are a Shooter, but not on this list, please leave a comment with an address where someone can reach you without a link.

If you know of a Shooter not on the list, please leave a comment with an address for their blog if you know it.

You should be able to find our blogs with the information below without someone else's link. I find that Google is the best search engine.

*An Explorers's View of Life
*crisfield, maryland blog
*Ginger's Flowers and more
*Friday Shoot-outs From Florida
*Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff...
*skidato My Moments
*The Butler and Bagman Chronicles
*Noe Noe Girl Tall Tales
*misawa travelog
*An ardent cosmic journey
*Loida of the 2L3B's
*we have met the enemy and he is us (Si's blog)
*Secondary Roads k8ch
*airman mom
*Sugamama's Cafe
*An Alaskan Family Robyn
*www.lucky we live
(on Google)
(on Google)
*hlifeiznow (could not find in a window search)
*CHEF E (could not find in a window search)
*Adventures in Gigi (could not find in window search)
*sites of Dublin (could not find)


  1. Hi! I am not sure what you were asking me about how it should be listed. The blog title is My Moments, and the URL is

    Maybe because you have it in all caps? I have never tried googling my blog, but I do know I have it set to where search engines can crawl it.

    Does that help?

  2. Thanks Jen. I just wanted something that anyone could put in their search window and find you. What I have there now puts you at the top of the list on yahoo. I'm really looking forward to your post this week. Gordon

  3. Hey Gordon.......
    I do think you took me wrong and please let me apologize. That's the trouble with e-mails...there's no person speaking behind them and no way to hear how a person is saying the words.....the infliction behind they syllabyl's. Mea Culpa my friend. Can we forget about it?? It just wasn't meant that way.
    I loved your last week shoot-out pics and can't wait to see tomoorrow's.
    Now.......a few others that I know of:

    Oz Girl
    Noe Noe....A Queen of all Trades

    I just know that I'm leaving someone out Papa....this is my chemo day and I'm just now getting to answering comments!!!! If I think of more, and I'm sure that I will you'll be the first to know. Since you have all this free time could you call Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah for us, lol???? (okay, just kidding dude)
    Thank you for listing these. Mean it :)
    Take good care and......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. Great pictures! Florida and Hawaii are simlilar yet vastly different in many ways. Thanks for your comment, I look forward to seeing your upcoming photos.

  5. Hey, I haven't gotten to your blog for today - just was looking at the list. I put a list on the blog via Layout - and can enter as a hyperlink. some of your's I don't recongnize - but will search and see if duplicates - I hate to miss anyones entries. hugs from Brasil

  6. Hey cool dude........
    "sights of Dublin" has joined our gang.
    What kind of gang color's should we use and can we throw "gang signs"????
    Anyone call Ellen or Oprah yet? I think that one of them should fly us all out for a fishing trip with you and THEN throw us a great big cocktail party where George Clooney serves me champagne. Don't you? Who is your requested server Papa?
    Have a blessed Easter and I'll bet you have one keck of an Easter Egg Hunt with all those Grand-Kiddo's huh?

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  7. Looks good dad! You should have done some of the beaches too.

  8. Tami, The shoot-out was about Main Street. The beaches will come.

  9. Gordon........uhhhh.....this is terrible, so don't be mad at me but ......
    I'm really bad at listing links, I always foul it up. Probably because I'm such a hurry that I just don't wait until it's finished.
    Would you do me a HUGE favor Gordon??? Would you look on the comments from my Saturday post begging for participant's and get their link off of there? I'll send you some suppernong jelly that I made myself......
    (nothing wrong with a little bribery now is there????). I promise to send the jelly and I can throw in a few Georgia peaches when they get ripe........And the Red Fish fishing (??) that sounds right up my alley :)
    Holla back dude.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  10. I'd like to join in :) My blog is at, I think the whole page of Google results for "Rachel Cotterill" is related to me but "Rachel Cotterill ramblings" brings the blog to the top.

    Oh, and to find Chef E in a search you could type "behind the wheel chef" which finds one of her blogs - but she has about a dozen and I don't know which one she's planning on using for this project!

  11. Count me in!


    thanks so much :)