Friday, April 10, 2009

Main Street in St. Augustine (Avenida Mendez)

St. Augustine is rich in early American history. Tourism is a staple for the economy of the area. We love our town, as I think you would, also.

I. Avenida Menendez

Horse-drawn carriages are very popular for our visitors, whether they are touring the "old town" or departing weddings as brides and grooms.

Even though there are military garrisons close at hand, St' Augustine is not for fighting.

It is definitely, for partying! Tourists do plenty of that. Rock on, Reggie Girl!!

Town Square Park, on Avenita Menendez, is the hub of life for tourists and locals, alike. Many weddings have been performed in the pavillion.

Henry Flagler (the railroad man) built most of the old buildings with Spanish tile roofs. Many of them house Flagler College, today.

Most, all of the private commercial establishments are on the west side of the avenue. There is adequate lodging except on the busiest holidays.

You can get the quality you want, at a fairly reasonable price.

Many of the restaurants have patio dining, in addition to their indoor dining rooms. We have lots and lots of restaurants and golf courses in and around St. Augustine.

My favorite of these is Harry's Seafood Bar and Grill.

The entrance to the courtyard dining is through an ivy-covered archway,

Where you will dine under blooming pink orchid trees, in the spring.

If you are looking for a "one of a kind" gift, there are shops that will accommodate your needs.

Many local artists sell their wares in small shops.

What a nice spot to relax.. The White Lion is a favorite for many. It's on the avenue.

Transportation to the many attractions all around town can be purchased on trolleys and horse-drawn carriages. Their drivers tell you about the history of sites on your route. Be careful! They have been known to embellish there stories, for the sake of a good yarn.

II. On the Bay Front - Avenida Menendez

Just north of the fort is another of our famous tourist traps. Very entertaining!

Two of these nice looking fellows stand at the entrance gate to Ripley's.

This exact replica of Michael Angelo's "David" is on display in front of Ripley's. It is seventeen feet tall, was built in 1963 with a solid block of marble from the same quarry that the original David was carved from in Italy.

Looking south, from Castillo Drive, down Avenida Menendez.

The old fort is St. Augustine's number one tourist attraction. Its location is on the bay front where Avenita Menendez ends and Castillo Drive begins. (same road, though)

The Spanish flag flies over the fort in recognition of their building it, and also to honor the Spanish contributions to St. Augustine history.

When I was a boy (maybe ten years ago), there was water in the moat around the old fort. The east side pf Avenida Mendez is the bay front. This view is looking north toward the fort.

You may choose to tour the city in a horse drawn carriage which may be contracted on the sidewalk along the river.

The view from the benches along the sea-wall is awe inspiring.

Our historic Bridge of Lions is being disassembled and reconstructed. A temporary bridge, at a cost of millions, was built to be used during rehab of the old one.

Even the lions, guarding the entrances to the bridge have been removed, and are being restored.

The city marina stands alongside the bridge work project.

As you can tell from the sign, lots of fun activities are based in the marina.
Looking back at the marina office from the docks.

Para-sailing adventures for those who dare.

1 1/2 hour-long eco tours cost around $40.

The tour guides even teach you how to kayak.

Boats of all kinds may be sighted at our marina.

The Bridge of Lions recontruction, as viewed from the Marina.

South of the docks, the Santa Maria Restaurant is built completely out into the bay (accessed by a catwalk). The food is just average (my opinion), but at some of the tables you can drop crumbs through a small trap door and watch as the fish in the water below devour it. The kids always enjoy the show.

Looking across the intracoastal waterway, toward the ocean, you may be able to spot the St. Augustine Lighthouse on "the island".

From the docks you get a different perspective of the old town.

Adjacent to the Municipal Marina is a popular miniature-golf course.

The eighteen holes are divided by well manicured Boxwood hedges.

At the south end of Avenida Menendez, the road forks around O.C. Whites Restaurant, to form two roads with different names.

The shape of the courtyard, created by the fork in the road, makes for a very unique open-air dining area.

The Old Grist Mill is on the avenue, and also, faces St. George St., the narrow preserved street, lined with shops that will amaze you.


  1. I think it's interesting that the oldest city in the U.S. is in Florida--I bet most people would expect it to be in the Northeast.

  2. Amazing shots Gordon!! And yes-sir-ee if there's a party, I'm soooo there :)
    I think you have an awesome representation of your fair city and I truly appreciate the tour through your eyes and with your vivid descriptions. I haven't been to St. Augustine in a while and I felt like I was right there with you shooting photo's dude.
    Hows the fishing these days? Red snapper biting yet?
    Fine Shoot-Out pardner (said in me bestest John Wayne imitation....which admittedly is pretty poor, hehe).
    Hope you get way too many speckled bird eggs for Easter, take good care and.......

    Steady On Papa - you're amazing
    Reggie Girl

  3. Holy heck, your Main Street looks SO vibrant. I loved it!

  4. I am so glad that they are reconstuting the Bridge of Lions! It's so St. Augustine to me.
    I can not tell you how many field trips I took to the Old Fort?? To many to remember.
    We so want to take the Grand~girls to ride the horse drawn carriage but just couldn't get away from the beach. The 4 year old is already planning a trip back just so she can get her ride.
    Your pictures are beautiful and the color is dead on! Look forward to next week.

  5. Hey Papa, I was here earlier in the day and missed you photos, now it is 12.15 am and I am looking to see what you have shown of your town....Camillo and I went to dinner in friburgo and shared a bottle of Argentine wine. wish you'd been there. thanks for the tour.

  6. Just by the first photo, I already love your town hahaha! I also love places or whatever with History so I think I'm gonna enjoy it there!

    Everything looks so.. saucy in your place! You know, there's that feel of the old times while also keeping it modern!

    Wow, those red vehicles are awesome! I would like to ride in one of those!

    Really awesome shots by the way. You presented it beautifully!

  7. The fort is so interesting! Very historic indeed! The last time I went to St. Augustine was in a videogame. That's probably the first and the last LOL.

    I also like your horses! Seems like they are of a pretty and majestic breed! Just look at the brown and white combination!

    We also have the same kind of floating restaurant here in Manila. Very expensive so not a lot of people go there LOL.

  8. Dearest Gordon,,,,,you shall tire of me but you did offer, hehe.
    Please add :Adventures In Gigi and
    Strawberry Girl's Reflections
    to Friday Shoot-Out's please!!! WOW Papa. It's becoming a revolution :)

    Steady on cool dude.......
    Reggie Girl

  9. I like the old-world feel of your photos. I can see why tourists come to St.Augustine. Tourism is the staple industry in Hawaii also.
    Great job!

  10. I came back for a second look around your town, I like to take a quick look-see on Fridays and then I like to go back to my favorite towns and take a second look. I see that I did not even post here on Friday. I could have sworn I did! I must have been side tracked by something before I finished looking at all the photos.

    You certainly did a great job. Some parts of the town still look the same as they did when I was there last time, and that is a good thing. I always loved the way the town was built up around its history.

    I remember visiting the fort when I was there, too. It is really a lovely place. Makes we want to go back again!

    Did I miss listing some people? If you get a chance run by my site again and look at my listings at the bottom of my "town" post and let me know. You can email me with any updated info. If anyone likes, I can send them the html codes for posting on their sites.

    Happy Easter from everyone in Crisfield, Maryland to everyone in St Augustine, Flordia!

  11. Gordaon, you have made me want to visit St. Augustine! It wasn't on my list, but it is now - the next time I'm in FLA, and not flying directly to Key West, I'll have to plan a side trip at the front or back end for your town!

  12. Because of this Photo Shoot Out, I suddenly realized that spaniards really made some places historically worthy. We got one too in Manila, a fort quite similar to your Saint Agustine's old fort. Ours is called Fort Santiago. It's also a place worth visiting although its history is kind of disturbing. Thanks for sharing your street. I really had a wonderful trip with you. This Photo Shoot Outs is really exciting.