Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friday Shoot-out - Architecture

Today was a disaster! Our water source (well pump) died. While I was replacing the motor, two squirrels shorted out a transformer on our street and killed our electricity. Unexpected company came to visit. (dear friends, who we were elated to see) So, my shooting is not done. This will be a literal Friday Shoot-out. Photos will be a little late. Until then I would like to share this poem with you. (written years ago)
After all, there are no rules.
My early morning walk on the beach
Found aquatic gems within my reach,
Left, just so, by the falling tide
And The Architect, with unquestioned pride.
The sun peeked over the distant waves,
Signaling birth of a bright new day.
A cool ocean breeze danced with the fog.
Seldom had I felt so close to God.
In reverence, thoughts came clearly to me,
That our lives on earth are like the sea.
Our tide will rise, and then it will fall.
What we leave here will be seen by all.
We will be judged as an architect
Of the lives we build, or the lives we wreck.
Will our beach be strewn with noxious weeds,
Or be adorned with kindly deeds?
That night, while sleeping, I had a dream,
Very real to me, or so it seemed.
I heard the words of one dressed in white.
(Much brighter, by far, than noon day light.)
"Show me the beauty left on the sand,
From your falling tide as mortal man."
I searched my life and what it had wrought
It fell far short of what scriptures taught.
"Father of the earth and emerald sea,
Woulds't Thou grant forgiveness to me?
I'm far from perfect; that much I know.
I take great pride in my children, though.
No credit do I ask for their great deeds,
But, when they were young I met their needs.
Their rising tides will bless the earth.
They are treasure troves of ultimate worth."
Being the Father, He understood
The love of children and parenthood.
He smiled at me and said with a glance,
"I will grant unto you another chance."
When I awoke there was no doubt,
My tide would not go much further out.
On the remaining beach that I bare,
Please, let me honor my children there.
Copyright Gordon Hand
Thanks for your patience. I will post soon.


  1. Excellent Poem!! Look forward to your up coming picutres! I mailed your PIF a couple days ago so be on the look out.
    I do feel very lucky to live in Alaska, the days are getting warmer and the sun is out longer!

  2. If the photos are as good as the poem, they will be well worth the wait!

    I'll check back later.

  3. Ahhhh..........the dreaded water "issue". Darlin, I don't envy you that one Gordon!!
    They say all good things come to those who wait and I'm certain that your shoot-out shots will be extraordinary as always. You are quite the photographer :)
    Will check back. Loved the poem.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. Oh you are good, that got me this morning. Two things I love so much, my children and the ocean!

    Good luck.

  5. Will wait patiently. :)

    Are the squirrels ok?

  6. I can honestly report that they are now crispy critters. (in squirrely heaven)

  7. Yikes, crispy critters! I ab-so-lute-ly love the poetry my dear...I am a poet, well I try any who...

    I will patiently wait for the photos of the gardens next week...thanks for including me!

  8. Jen and I both want to know if the squirrels are OK?

    Great poem. Thanks for showing up. You got class!

  9. I'm in the same boat~ too many things happening at once! Look for you soon.

  10. Oh, I don't know how good you're pictures will be when compared to this poem! What a great thought ... what WE build is our architecture... I love this poem!

  11. I love the yellow beach house! The shutters match the sky! It's beautiful! I want to live there!

  12. Oh- and I LOVE your "If you build it they will come" map! It's really nice to see so many people all over the world participating here!

  13. Kelly, One of the neat things about the map is that when someone is on the blog site their star pulses.