Friday, May 1, 2009

Shoot-out - Part 2 - The Funeral

Because of the many requests for a decent burial for the dearly departed cousin of Scruffy, I have been shamed into arranging a funeral. Here is the evidence. It was a festive occasion. Scruffy said a few appropriate words. Hound Dog played "Taps" on his steel guitar, and followed it up with his rendition of "Alvin and the Chipmunks."
There was not a dry eye in the yard. Scruffy wants to thank all of you for the love he feels coming his way. Instead of sending flowers, Scruffy asks that you put as many hits as possible on Reggie Girl's animal shelter post.
So long, rodent with a bushy tail. R.I.P.


  1. Thank you Scruffy! I feel a bit better about the whole affair.

    I will scamper over to Reggie Girl's blog and click away - all in honor of our fried friend.

  2. You are just too cute. I love it! Thank you for giving the squirrel a decent burial. And thank you for asking people to click on Reggie Girl's site and give money instead of sending flowers - or nuts.

  3. I am sure that Scruffy misses his squirrel friends, and I ran the idea of moving to Florida by my squirrel, who liked the idea - until he read the Squirrel Gazette, and learned two of his extended family members have passed. It took extra cashews to help him with his grief, so I don't think a move is in his near future.

    But, he appreciates the invite. ;)

  4. Gordon my man! you are the bomb!
    You and me at cousins!