Saturday, May 2, 2009


The query now, to you, is WHATZIT?
Answer! See WHATZIT ANSWERS post.


  1. front porch overhang.... against a blue sky.

  2. To, J9, Gigi and GingerV,
    I make this sad, but true, decree.
    Your guesses, all, did make me smile,
    But, I'm afraid you missed a mile.
    Please try again with grater vigor.
    This hint I give: It is much bigger!

  3. It's bigger than a football, a sail or a mouse.
    Oh my! It's even bigger than a house!

  4. From the top, please, do not fall,
    Because this WHATZIT'S very tall.

  5. On Friday, you will see it very well.
    Wit all these hint, can't you tell?

  6. It means very little to a tailor.
    It's more important to a sailor.

  7. The sailboat itself?

  8. It's not a boat or other craft.
    You cannot find its fore and aft.
    In saving lives it hits the mark!
    It's most effective in the dark.

  9. I'm going to say the moon!! Is it the moon or some planet Gordon?
    You always have the coolest stuff on your blog and guess what????
    I'm going to be a grandmother for the first time.............I feel so old and I wasn't really ready but I guess life was Papa.
    I will love it like I know that you love your sweet grandchildren :)

    Steady On dude
    Reggie Girl