Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shoot-out - WATER

A great beginning to any shoot-out would be photos of Grandchildren.

They do love water!

At the lakehouse or in the pool.

Even frozen water. OK, OK, this shot was not in Florida. But, as our new shooters will find out, THERE ARE NO RULES!
From grandchildren to grand causes.
I discovered these ladies on the sandy riverbank near Fort Matanzas.
They were gathered in prayer when I first sited them, and proclaimed to be "Combat Wives For Christ" who want to take back the earth from rampant sin. The reason for being assembled in that particular spot was to pray for the Huguenots slaughtered in 1565 at Matanzas Inlet, by Pedro Menendez and his soldiers. The ladies, very boldly, proclaimed that they are Christian.
Well, back to the present.
How would it be to stand in the pool as you fish in the canal?

This week, we could have stood in the road and fished in the road.

There are many salt water marshes in
St. Augustine.
Fishining is great in and around them.
This lady let me take a picture of her fish, but was camera shy, herself.
I don't have that problem.
Thank you, water! I owe you one.
And, now back to reality.
The weather around here has been nasty for over a week.
East winds bring high tides and lots of waves, even in the river.
But, especially at the beach.
The ocean has many moods. It has been very temperamental, lately.

I would like to end this shoot-out with a
water shot to honor the singing in the rain
by Mark, one of our most senior shooters.
Mark, your musical talent is very.... uplifting!
( photo from web)


  1. I love the first photo, it's so tempting! make me feel like joining him . With our hot weather in Singapore it will be perfect to be playing with water right now.
    Just upload mine up.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Love the way you present those photos!! Love the fun water pics and the drama brought by the big splash & strong waves. The dog peeing at the hydrant is the most hilarious

  3. Hi Gordon,

    That photo of the boy jumping into the water looks like those Chinese movies of Kung Fu fighters who have high wire hang up to make appear as though they are flying. The boy looks like hanging up in mid air. How many times did he have to jump for you to get that perfect photo? LOL

    That dog and his best friend, the hydrant. How long did you have to wait for your target?

    I love your photos, Florida looks like Auckland, except for those protesting women. We have our fair share of protest. On Monday, I was invited to a 7000 strong anti govt HIKOI,protest. I have to work and didn't go.

    Thanks for kind comments.

  4. Those grandkiddo's are soooo cute Gordon!! I just know you don't spoil them at all :)
    The doggie shot is hilarious and that one of you with your big fish!!! I love that snapshot. That's always what I think of when I think of!!
    The shot of the Christian women in protest is amazing.
    Great shoot........but you always have it goin on over here my friend.
    Hope your weekend is filled with love, joy and laughter and.......

    Steady On and Walk in Faith
    Reggie Girl

  5. At the outset, thanks for the comment on my previous post. Yes is all the answer to your question except that we bought the fish.

    Yeah, I agree kids are happy and are enjoying very much on the water. I even love the beach until now. Thanks for sharing your shoot out! And you catch the big fish. Congrats!

  6. Great interpretation...I love it!! Water was a great subject :)

  7. Again, you gave us a great variety, Gordon. My, my water photos are so boring. I guess when I have to produce creative shots for the newspaper all week long, I think I can get lax on the Blogosphere. Not with the bunch of talented people we have. I am going to have to step it up a bit.

    The women warrior photo is a new's shot. You should have sent it to the local paper.

    Great looking grand kids, and I love the photo of Gordon and fish. You need to head up here and give us some lessons. We have the worst luck fishing. Everyone in the bay can be catching fish and our radar will be showing fish all around us, and there we sit looking like idiots, bobbing up and down in the water, while everyone laughs at us.

    I love the storm photos. That is my kind of assignment to be in. A small price we both pay to live in such a beautiful parts of the world.

    Like your tribute to Butler and Bagman.

    I hope to be able to catch up with everyone soon. We have had so much going on at the the newspaper, and there has been one graduation after another to cover. Only 3 more to go! I can't seem to catch up with my blogging.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Great finds...very impressed with the Lady's on the beach and the testimony shared :o)

  9. Patty, thanks for the comments. When I go to a new area to fish, I will often go to the fishing supplies area of wakmart and just wait for a fisherman (normally older) to appear that looks like he knows what he is doing. Then, I just pick his brain about all aspects of fishing in the unfamiliar area.
    Sometimes, trying different things until we stumble onto the right combination will work.
    Patty, thank you for your positive attitude. I enjoy it. Your photos are always top shelf.
    Walk With Faith

  10. Hi Gordon, I loved the rough seas and the kidlets and the dog.......
    I have been participating for 3or 4 weeks now, and noticed I am not on your list.xx

  11. Gordon, I just love that first shot! It's a real classic.
    Hope the weather is better. Not much fun at the beach. But it makes for some awesome shots!

  12. Snow, frozen water, why didn't I think of that! I have a million of those photos I could have used!!

    Great photos as always Gordon! And great fun.

  13. very fun and interesting post Gordon. your storm pics show the power of water also.

  14. Wow! All of your photos are amazing. :) Love the photos of your grandkids! They are too cute! :)

    Thanks for sharing! I'm having so much fun taking part. I won't get to post until after work, but this assignment was so much fun. :)

  15. Ha, love the fire hydrant getting some action!

    You know I love the big fish...caught my two big ones off Florida six years ago! Have to share those prizes with you one day...

    As I say, I love this Shoot Out, brings out the cowgirl in me!

  16. Gordon - what a BIG fish - and thats the limit to my fish / fishing knowledge. salt marshes are right at the top of my favorite places list. nice blog entry. Tchau.

  17. Hi there! Your photos are great ...

    And your grandchildren are perfectly adorable. Enjoy the weekend!

  18. Great pictures! Your Grankids are darling!
    I Love the look of the raging seas, it almost makes me hear what that sounds like. Plus makes me miss the oregon coast. Never been to the East coast.
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Your post is a perfect photoessay - especially that last photo! LOL!

    I need to get a little bird bath, for my squirrel of course. ;)

  20. girlichef:off topic joined us from Indiana this week and Jama's shoot-out from Singapore is amazing.
    Sorry, I may have a couple of more to add in a bit. Just really busy today and getting to them as I can.

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  21. Yep, REDNEC, would describe the best of us here in southeast GA.

    It was very hard for me to find water pictures that didn't have GRAND~girls in them. Seems when we are out and about we have them with us. Always Fun Good Times!

    I really like stormy oceans and rain if I'm stayiong at the beach for at least one day anyway. Brings such a different mood.

    That is some kind of fish you have there, BTW what kind of fish is it? Did you eat it? I love fish. I just don't like to cook it :)
    Water was a good challenge for us, I guess not really a challenge just fun.
    Sunshine and smiles.

  22. What great photos of the moody beach! HAHA That didn't sound good!
    Anyway, I love the dog!! My favorite is the little boy jumping in the water! Great Photo!

    Have a great weekend!

  23. I love the pictures of the kids having fun in the water. Ah, to be young again and carefree like that! The moody ocean pictures are fantastic, mother nature at her angriest and her best all rolled up into one. Those angry waves sure did make for some great shots though. And I thought that i lived in an area that had moody weather!! We went form 85° down to 55° within a few hours after some rains moved in. I didn't even know what had hit me until the shorts and tshirt that I had on suddenly seemed totally inappropriate as I started to shiver! That doggie picture at the end was the perfect ending to a fantstic post, with all this talk of water and so many pictures of it, that doggie had the right idea!! :-) thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I am thrilled to be a part of this shoot out fun finally!!

  24. Children and water. Great combo.

    To be young again, float around in a pool, lake or stream...oh wait, I still do that...

    Love the church ladies. Reminds me of my mom.

    Thanks for the uplifting post...

  25. It's so funny to see the sign "road under water" hahaha. Nice capture of your grandson jumping on the water. Whoaa what a big fish but I think I like best is the last shot, hahaha. Thanks for sharing your photos you made me laugh again.

  26. LOL - I was delighted with the first photo, especially liked the goggles. Then, when I saw the second shot, I thought your grandson was wearing antlers. Nope. Not antlers. Noodles. Great segue.

  27. Dearest Gordon,
    Thanks for the photos. I realy like the photos of your grandchildren enjoying the water and the gigantic fish you are holding. I wonder what you have done with that.. Hope to see more of your place..

  28. You took some great shots, Gordon. It has been a year since we've seen the ocean... and that was the Pacific Ocean. I could have posted some shots of them... another time. I enjoyed your shots of the ocean.

    Love the grandkid shots. Wish we had grandkids.

  29. You make me want to live in Florida!

  30. So fun to read Gordon!! You've got a great eye for interesting shots (um, especially the doggie at the end, will have to come back to see what Butler and Bagman have to say about it ;p)

  31. Love the Jack with the fire hydrant.

  32. Hi Gordon! Those pictures are amazing - I am especially fond of the nasty storm waters - I am consistently awed by the power of nature, particularly when it concerns water! What is so calm and peaceful one moment becomes highly volatile the next!

    I also love the first pic - that little guy is having the time of his life! Oh to be that young again!

    thanks for dropping by - I appreciate it a lot!

  33. Wo-ho! Great watery scenes. I like them all. Have a wonderful week, Gordon :)