Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Answer: In the WATZIT Answer post.
St. Augustine is where we've gotzit.
The query now, to you, is whatzit?


  1. Dude.......I'm always stumped by the Whatzit's!!
    The only game I'm good is bingo and that's because they call out the numbers. I do very well at crossword puzzles but am never good at guessing........I'm going to ask science girl!!
    Okay..........I'm saying the Big Dipper or stars or something ( and yes, I know that's wrong). I just like to see what you have for us to ponder.
    Random shots for this Friday? Could be scary, lol.

    Steady On and Walk in Faith
    Reggie Girl

  2. Lightening bugs are all asleep,
    Back at home a'countin their sheep.
    Dippers Big or Dippers Small
    Are far from being the answer, ya'll.

  3. when I take a night photo of city street lights it often looks like this. how about boat lights out at sea?

    the security word is FLYCLES - fishing lure on wheels?

  4. These often go without detection,
    Because, you see, they are reflections.

  5. This whatzit post is not at sea,
    But, water's part of the mystery.

  6. OK, I guess I'll give redemption
    I see a night time reflection
    In a puddle on the street
    the lights around when we all sleep

  7. J9 you must not muddle,
    My mind with puddles.
    It is not a light reflected.
    I hope you're not too dejected.

  8. Another guess, not to dither
    A reflection in the river
    One of your bridges three
    is hopefully what I see

  9. This photo certainly has no bridge.
    Nor is it found upon a ridge.
    It is dark, and night time airy,
    One might say it's even scarey.

  10. I may have missled you when I spoke.
    I hope that you can take a joke.
    I said it's not a light reflected.
    That comment is now corrected.
    They are reflections of a bright light.
    On a dark and moonless night.

  11. What would make reflections, so random?
    Here, in the south, we sometimes land'em.

  12. Ah, that last clue had me muddle
    A photo of a landing shuttle?

  13. No, it's not that kind of landing.
    I'll give you a better understanding.
    You will win this whatzit match
    When you name the thing we catch!

  14. Thanks Gordon!

    Sorry I guess I can not type today :)

  15. Oh, this photo makes me real curious. I don't have the slightest idea what it is.

  16. It seems like fish are all the rage
    I had to visit your other page
    Redfish are popular with you
    as are spotted trout too
    But if a big bite is what you're thinkin'
    Gators eyeballs on the water breakin'

  17. J9, again, you have endured.
    You are the best! That's for sure!
    Gator eyes? Yes! In a Florida lake.
    Red eyes, reflected, and that no mistake.

  18. Wow! J9 is really good at this. I had to come back and see the answer :).