Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The whatzit winner is J9!
Answer: In the WHATZIT Answer post.


  1. Well up with my morning coffee and all my mind can think of is flower petals or jouice spilled on a paper towel...........LOL

  2. since this week is about water - hummmm?

  3. Crystal Lite hitting water? Actually, Gordon, I have no idea.

    I just wanted to thank you for your comments on my blog. Funny you should mention D&C 88 we had just finished reading it yesterday morning! I love preparing for talks it really forces you to dig deeper. Thanks again. I will be talking about the Light of Christ as well.

  4. it's a fish eye!!! Did I get it?

  5. Comic relief is all I got
    When I returned to this whatzit spot!
    I would think a girlchef could clearly see,
    The morsel, here, in front of me.

  6. Oh, Oh, Oh! (my hand is raised) Call on me! Does it taste like chicken?

  7. decorative beading on a shirt?

    We need a shooter in Oregon ... count me in. Ms. Sarah Lulu has been bugging me to join.

    Friday photos? Theme for this Friday? Water?

  8. Oh, Oh, Oh, I see your hand!
    But, you just do not understand.
    It's not like chicken to the taste.
    This is a food you do not baste.
    It is not beading on a shirt,
    But, it might raise a red alert.

  9. It is not grapefruit. It is not citrus.
    We take a bite, and it just hits us.

  10. Upon first glance
    I thought I'd give tie dye a chance
    Now that I know it can be eaten
    A mushroom of pink is what I’m thinkin’

  11. Ah, you are a trickster on this
    It is far too delish
    We can have it all over place
    A RADISH is in this space!

  12. I would not call a football a ball.
    That wouldn't do it justice, at all.
    If your going to play the whatzit game-it.
    You must be prepared to, also, name it.

  13. J9's star is blinking on my map.
    Does she have another guess, perhaps?
    You waited so long to weigh in!
    I was thinking, "Where has she been?"

  14. Without the skin it’s hard to tell
    Rainbow or Watermelon it could be as well
    A rose is a rose, no matter its name
    A radish is a radish, all the same!

  15. And work is work is trudgery no doubt
    that is why I have been out!

  16. Watermelon is milder than a horse,
    But, they're both radishes, of course.
    Water is the Shoot-out theme.
    So watermelon is correct, and so it seems
    J9 has won another whatzit game.
    Now we all will yell her name.
    J9! J9! Whatzit fame will soon be mine!