Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shoot-out: Colors of the Rainbow

As the sun rises in the east, storm clouds speak of coming rainbows.

There is beauty and color all around us
when our granddaughters are near.

A honey bee and a bumble bee share the spoils of spring.

Orchid trees have the magnetism to stop cars with
their incredible hues of violet, pink and purple..

Look closely, and see three butterflies basking
in the sun while they enjoy a nectar filled feast.

Four siblings - Two sets of tropical twins.

Berries ablaze!
A moment to treasure for a poor photographer like me.

Even fallen flowers retain their youth for a short time.

We never want to let go of the youthfulness
in our children and grandchildren.
The scriptures do say, "Train up a child....."

Grandchildren are born a color of the rainbow.
And, before you know it, they
are catching trophy rainbows,

While the parents do their own type of fishing.

Color, sometimes comes from
very colorful characters

Or, color could be a backdrop for
unforgettable characters.

Some children enjoy riding on horses.
Others like playing in the pool,

But, they all love the colors of the rainbow.


  1. A double rainbow! now that's something we don't see everyday.

  2. Fantastic pictures! I Love the first sky picture!

  3. Absolutely joyful pictures this week!

  4. Just lovely ...I'd like to ride that horse too!

  5. Oh Gordon!! The yellow flowers with the teensy yellow butterfly/moth - those are my most favorite flowers. I wondered if you would have the name of them because I have NO clue as to what they REALLY are. I've found some variations of them but they aren't the same as the ones which grow around our corn fields here in VT.

    Your yellow butterfly with the blue speckles - I am STILL trying to catch a photo of mine from the back teases me awful without a camera in hand.

    Your rainbow of life is beautiful, Gordon!! Thank you for sharing it all with us today.

  6. Very nice pictures. I like it that you didn't have to have very colourful things in each photo. makes them very clean and clear cut.

    Did you eat the fish or did you let it go again?

    I like to share this bit about the Lantana flower and why I won't grow them. In Singapore and Malaysia, they are called Chicken Shit flower. I always chuckle when I see this shrub. Once an overseas visitor went to our rented property and plucked a bunch of Lantana and used it as a centre piece. the dinner was almost ruin when everyone went ****. She spent 1/2 an hour in the shower to get the **** smell out of her skin and hair.

  7. The flowers are stunning and so are the faces of the children! And a real rainbow too!

  8. Would you give a warm welcome to Mary in Kansas (on the Shoot Out blog list) to Shoot Out Friday. She has beautiful rainbow photos this week.

  9. Gordon I loved all of your pictures, but especially the little one so proudly displaying his fish! The butterfly on the flower is incredible! And...I didn't realize that particular passage in the scripture meant an actual train! Gordon, I think that I need to go back and re-read the book! This may not be the only passage that I misunderstood ;)

  10. Love this post Gordon! Fantastic photos and stunning flower shots!

  11. Each picture brought a smile :-) Thanks, Gordon!

  12. I love the underwater shot and the fact that you captured him smiling! Great pictures this week.

  13. Beautiful! I'm still laughing about "train up a child" LOL! :-)

  14. First, I liked the way you opened with a super cloud (great photo) and closed with the beautiful rainbow.

    My other favorite was the kissing photo. I just the love the yellow fish.

    Train and yellow flower with bees was great, too.

    Loved all the kiddos and flowers.

    Oh, that Scruffy was a blast as was the fish station.

    So, I guess I could have saved myself some time by writing, "Great shoot, Gordon. All of your photos rocked!"

    They did, and you are great, too.

  15. As always you've got the greatest pictures, especially the GRAND~kids. Loved that awesome first shot.
    I just couldn't get it together this week, been to hot :(

  16. very colorful pictures. Love the kids on the huge horse!

    btw, when you do update, please note that I'm using a new blog "a thousand words" as my photo blog now. ;hearts&

  17. that was fun, you have a very light voice when writing, I enjoy it very much. that first photo of the sunrise - I can just imagine the joy you felt as you took the photo.

  18. beautiful flowers Gordon. love the train and the parents kissing in front of the fish wall. awesome post!!

  19. Gordon, I am so in love with your post this week, the photos are fun and colorful, and I love how you brought them all together into a little story! What you said about rainbow colors always being present when your grandchildren are around, I just got all choked up with the sentiment and love in your voice. I have to agree with GingerV, you do have a light voice when you write, it keeps one entertained and smiling from start to finish! I am hooked, and you can count on me coming back for more. Debby

  20. The photos of your granndchildren's faces are all about rainbows! I love seeing them. What beautiful orchids you are growing! They are so delicate. Thank you for sharing this colourful shoot!

  21. Wonderful fun!
    Thank you for sharing!

  22. There's a lot of rainbow in your life epsecially the cute kids around you, the best friends, the beautiful flowers. You are lucky to have them and they are so lucky to have you.

  23. I was thinking as I read bow of your life.through your post how well your photos express your feelings. Lovely photos of all the colors in the rainbow of your life.

  24. I think your grandson needs a vacation. Send him up here. We will let him cookies, cake, and ice cream all the time. And we will take him to McDonald's three times a day if he will only teach us how to catch fish.

  25. Beautiful selection of pictures. My fav. was the first one and of the butterfly. I have yet to master the patience or the art of photographing one. Have a great weekend!

  26. Great post, but I am concerned...I did not get to cook those big fish you guys caught!!!

    My post is a bit lame this week, as I am wrapping up my visit to Texas...

  27. Great stuff Gordon! So nice that you could squeeze the grandkids in as well. Have a great weekend.

  28. very nice post, Gordon, love the photos and the words you caption each picture. I really enjoy reading it. Thanks for sharing and being in the FSO team.

  29. I love the flower photos, Gordon - orchids on the hoof? Really? We can only grow them indoors, and sometimes we are forced to cheat by using silks.

    Thank you for stopping by at the Turtle and leaving a poem. Another Ogden Nash fan, eh? Loved that guy.

  30. What a fantastic post!! I loved the baby and kids the best. :D