Thursday, June 25, 2009


J9 wins another whatzit cup!
If she duzint know, she looks it up!
A Crucifix Fish or Gafftop Sailcat.
The skull - Sold in local shops along with a legend postcard. You should be able to see Christ hanging on the cross with a halo around his head.

Big mouth! Feeds on other fish, unlike a normal catfish.

Glow in the dark eyes.

You will be a whatzit wizz
If you know what this whatzit iz?
Tell me! Tell me! You must know!
So, take a guess and steal the show!


  1. Because you didn't give your normal clue
    The Whatzit Wiz within me knew
    That this guess would not bog
    Is it perhaps a frog?

  2. I knew that that would throw you off.
    See me cackle, choke, and cough!
    A frog could be this ugly, too.
    J9. a better guess is due.

  3. Oh, you two just drive me crazy.
    What could it be?
    I am so lazy.

    A headache to me you two do give
    with these little puzzles,
    but I forgive!

    I dunno.

  4. I'll give a clue that you can hold.
    Here, in our town the bones are sold.

  5. That I may guess it right I wish -
    Is this new whatzit a cuttlefish?

  6. A fish it must be
    But bones sold for a fee?
    Codfish bones to comb your hair
    but those are too far north of there
    Shark Fin for your amore
    I don't think it is a moray
    Or is it merely a wish
    and really a picture of a bonefish?

  7. A fish indeed is in the mix.
    But, now a name we must affix.
    Its bones tell us of a loss,
    And, Jesus hanging on the cross.

  8. I'll post a full photo for you here.
    You may still not know it, I fear.

  9. A catfish is a catfish, but this is more than that.
    There is a legend about its bones you will be looking at.

  10. Well Gordon you knew
    chasing me to google with that last clue
    I would come up with the answer
    Gafftop sailcat catfish yes sir!
    Also known as the Crucifix Fish
    For it's bones hold a heavenly wish

  11. Now, wasn't that much better than a frog!
    Who would stoop to a frog on their blog?
    J9, you saw it through.
    My hat goes off to you.

  12. Pretty neat bone.
    I feel so alone.
    J9, you iz bad.
    Gordon, I iz sad.

    But I have some news
    and that's all that rhymes:

    Linda in Canada has picked "Textures" for our July 10 shoot out.