Sunday, June 21, 2009


It may have something to do with the dog days of summer, or just unpredictable stress, that could explain what many of us are going through. To all of you I say, today and tomorrow are new beginnings. Let's make them that.
To coax a smile, I dedicate this little ditty to you.

With broken heart this whole day through,
I've grown depressed from missing you.
I long to touch you from afar,
And dream of being where you are.

I missed you in the morning light
As you departed from my sight.
I long to feel the ecstacy
Of your warm body close to me.

I missed you most at noon today,
And could not fight the tears away.
How could I miss you like I do?
I'm melancholy, sad and blue.

I missed you in the setting sun,
So I have bought a bigger gun;
And, you had best remember this.
Tomorrow, deer, I will not miss.

Copyright * Gordon Hand


  1. Oh Gordon - how sweet! Ummmm...I think!

    I did NOT see the end coming (no pun intended!) Thanks for a great laugh.

  2. Oh how PRECIOUS! I haven’t read or commented on any blogs this week. My sister’s connection was the worst I have used anywhere in the world. (Comcast!) I barely managed to get Friday shoot-out on the air. I haven’t heard from Reggie Girl – where is she? Now Marissa and I are one day’s drive out of Houston – and I am two weeks from returning to Brasil and my boring life – then back to full time blogging….. Hope everyone responds to your heartfelt poem.

  3. lol! I didn't see the ending coming either but it's cute.

    Thanks for adding me to the list.

    We live in the Ocala area and hit 99* this afternoon. UGH! Dog days of summer indeed!

  4. *smiling!!!*

    Gordon - the blog I spend the most time on and will post the shoot outs is the tender graces blog

    thank you! :)