Saturday, June 20, 2009


The query now, to you, is whatzit?

If it's a whatzit or a wuzit,

J9, is the one that duzit!


  1. Wiw...this one is a hard one! Is it fire?

  2. I mean't fat fingers!

  3. I laughed! I choked, giggled and wheezed!
    There's better answers than Vanessa B's.

  4. You know Gordon...I am totally at a loss!

    I really work long hours during the week so its hard for me to get out and shoot the theme by Friday. The weekends is the only time I get the time to go out shooting. I see you already have the rainbow theme up so maybe I can find some rainbow colors this weekend because there is no rain in sight for us...just heat and more heat!! lol I know you are enjoying the same weather!

  5. OH and Gordon...if it IS a crab claw, what time is dinner served?

  6. Dinner is served at our house anytime you can come.
    If it's crab you want, come on down, we'll have some!
    I thought this whatzit would be easy,
    Not one to make your stomach queezy.

  7. You might find this whatzit in a tavern,
    Or, you might find in a cavern.
    You might even have it free,
    If you could find the right cavity.

  8. First time to your blog Gordon This is fun. My guess is salt lamp. If it's not, it should be.

  9. It looks chrysiline to me
    Maybe salt of the earth, which is indeed free
    found on a margarita rim
    pulled from the sea by him
    stored in the cave underground
    another place it could be found

  10. That J9 is one smart girl
    I think she found the missing pearl
    My guess would have been oyster shell
    But that is wrong, to me you'll tell!

  11. J9 is indeed a western bell,
    But, her guess just does not gel.
    The other answers were wrong, as well.
    Another hint I now will tell.
    This whatzit lives hidden very well,
    Until you crack its outer shell.

  12. Could it be
    A clam inside?
    If my guess is wrong
    I will take it in stride.

  13. My next guess may make you PO'd
    I will try with a Geode!

  14. Gordon, I have you on the run
    your posts to me may have seemed fun
    but the typos have me laughing hard
    Now we'll see who plays the last card!

  15. Someone would never understand
    If I said, "It's a geode on my hand."
    A geode is not a birthstone, gal.
    Finish this answer, if you are my pal.

  16. Typo! Typo! That's my curse!
    Would someone please call a Gnurse!

  17. Just off the top of my head
    I'd say an Amethyst would surely blend
    The Geode with the birthstone rare
    Is this the rightful pair?

  18. An Amethist it is!
    You are a whatzit wizz
    You leave no other choice,
    But, to praise you with my voice.
    J9! J9! She's a wizard!
    I hope she's trapped in a blizzard!

  19. this has probably been solved but to me looks like ice in a Strawberry Daiquiri but maybe cause I am at the 3rd week with no wine or whatever.

  20. Congrats J9 on your big win
    I'm off with Ginger to drink some gin!