Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shoot-out: THE MIGHTY M

We are the Friday Shoot-out MEMBERS.
But, drop one M and we'd be embers.

I'll miss my darling, loving MATE.

She lost an M, and then was ATE!

If M were taken from the MASSES,

They'd be reduced to simple....well, you know.

I took the Ms from a MICKEY CAMPOUT,
And, then we had an Ickey Capout.

God took a single rib of Adam,

Then, added M to make his MADAM.

Here, in our town we love our WAL MART.
Without its M, it would be WAL ART.

The M transforms our Os and others
To make terrific MOMS and MOTHERS.
(Four generations of beautiful women.)

M saw a world of human anger,
And, gave its all to build a MANGER.

We thought it strange when cousin MANDY,
Had dropped her M, and then was Andy.
(Oldest grandchild, Kayla, all female)
A dish of M & Ms is grand,
But, with no Ms, there are no &s.

Without the M in Daisey's MILK,
She's just a beast of bovine ilk.

When dropping off my morning MAILING,
Without the M, I would be ailing.

The lovely double-M, MIMOSA,
Would lose its magic as iosa.


M is their leader. Have I told ya?

I took away the M from MEND,
And, what was left behind?......


  1. Gordon, I must say Bravo
    For your post is quite the salvo!
    All the Ms lined up to bow
    to your witty know how!

  2. I'm so glad I stayed awake
    To read your fascinating take
    On this week's Friday Shoot-Out theme,
    A very Mesmerizing Meme.

  3. Your 'M" post amused me
    It should make you boast!
    You've proven yourself
    A most charming host.

    I giggled, I gaffawed
    I snorted and wheezed
    By dropping a letter
    You surely did tease.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh you are SOOOOOOOOOOOO clever!!!
    And the Mimosa is beautiful. Truly I loved your post.

    thank you for helping celebrate my granddaughter Matilda with the letter M.

    Sarah Lulu

  5. This is the great post of photos and great idea for this week's photo challenge/sharing! (clap, clap, clap). You posted a great work!

  6. Gordon, you cleaver thing, you! This rocked!
    Loved the 4 generations, just beautiful!

  7. What extreme FUN this was, to read, to great!!!

  8. By far the most creative M post so far. This had to take a lot of thought and the photos are just great. Way to go!

  9. very well done. now I hit the road again, soon I will post just for you a Mecca of fishing stuff we passed yesterday in Missippi.

  10. Oh Gordon, how clever! And what fun! I loved the ending. And Mandy was so sweet to let you turn her into Andy.

    I loved your rhymes, too. You and J9 are the "Rhyme" king and queen of Blogosphere.

    I liked this so much, I will be back later to view again.

    Oh, you have a good eye, too. Like what you did with Wal Art.

  11. That was great! You must of took a lot of time and thought for that one, you are very talented:) I loved all the pictures.

  12. very cute post and very entertaining. love the play on words. wal art was clever and beautiful shots of flowers.

  13. Excellent post here, lots of fun reading and checking out the pictures.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. LOL - this was fantastic! I love the Manger one especially.

    You did a fabulous job, and I added your mascot to my photos. :)

    I love reading your blog - you make me look at words differently. :)

    Have a Marvelous weekend!

  15. Classic Gordon! This is the best!
    Is that a squirrel I see?

  16. I had all the other three in this house over here laughing at your post, how clever you are Gordon...clever clever clever!!!

  17. Good job ~ that was a lot of fun to read and of course seethe photos.....

  18. Gordon,

    You a witty,
    You are funny,
    You are clever.
    If you were my student, I will get you to come to the front of the class and tell the others what a good example of a successful "green" imaginative hat wearer you are.

    The End!


    BTW. The mimosa in South East Asia is different from your mimosa. It is a creeping plant and has a small marble size flower. If you touch it, the leaves will curl up, thus giving it's other name sensitive plants.

    We do have the plant you call it mimosa. Is it quite a big shrub? I must try to find out what they call it there.

  19. Wonderful 'M' post Gordon, it made me smile, thank you.
    I especially loved the flowers. :D

  20. So creative and wonderful photos!

  21. this is creative and original! love the wordings you played around with 'M'!! and the photos are gorgeous!

  22. I really enjoyed the M Shoot Out you put together. It really was funny. taking the M out and putting it back in was very mmm.....clever! Thank you for the very happy start to a somewhat tenuous week. It's a good omen. I loved the anger/manger changer. =D

  23. Very witty, fun word plays!! How do you do it? ;D

  24. Dad! Dad! Dad! you never stop creating do you?!
    I'm so proud of you- If only my -memory- was like yours but sadly it is -eory- how it is not. :)

  25. That's my daughter who does not take credit for her great talents and sharp mind.
    Tami, I love you, ore!