Friday, June 12, 2009


Please post an answer on my blog.
It's neither a seashell nor a frog.
St. Augustine is where I've gotzit.
The query now, to you, is whatzit?


  1. A donut or bagel?
    I think something more
    It's attached to a "ribbon"
    Like Michael Phelps wore.

    My guess is a medal
    An award of some kind
    Sitting on some red wool
    Hmmm- I'm in a bind!

  2. The end of a safety pin! :)

  3. If I ate this as a donut or bread,
    I would be very sick or even dead.

  4. Until tomorrow I'll be out of touch.
    I'm sure you won't need me as a crutch,
    To solve this whatzit post.
    So, to you, I send a toast.
    I will leave a hint or two
    Before I bid you all adeau.

    Sometimes this whatzit loves to fly.
    Sometimes it doesn't even try.
    It, often, will be dragged around,
    Without even touching the ground,

  5. It's not a medal, safety pin or cheereo.
    It's not a part of your stereo.

  6. I know what it is
    But forget the name
    It goes on your ankle
    It is a childrens game

  7. Audrey, you should get a spankle,
    For saying it goes on your ankle.
    If you chose it for that use,
    I'm afraid it would be child abuse.

  8. I have delayed my trip til morning,
    So, I am here without warning.
    I will weigh your hint suggestions,
    And possibly, answer a few questions.

  9. Because you are my dear friend,
    Another hint, to you, I will send.
    You must take the lead, if you are in charge.
    Others' dependence on you would be very large.

  10. Audrey - I have been slack,
    Thanks for covering my back.

    Its a eyehook maybe?

  11. An eyehook? An Eyehook? What is that?
    Whatever it is, is not in my stats.
    These pretenders are just upstarts.
    My whatzit is sad, with a heavy heart.

  12. J9 will know;
    I won't even try
    But tell me Gordon,
    Does it fly?


    I am waiting on Reggie Girl to pick the assignment for next week.

  13. An Eyelet of brass on a field of red
    You are trying to hurt my head
    I will guess as a clip for a flag
    Or a leash with your dog to brag

  14. It does, occasionally, fly.
    You know I would not tell a lie.

  15. It is not always in this field of red.
    Sometimes you will find it in a bed.
    Sometimes you'll see it in a pool.
    Sometimes this whatzit will go to school.

  16. J9, the others are depending on you.
    Just take the lead, and get them through.

  17. You've certainly put me in a pickle
    My next guess is a brass whistle

  18. When I say lead,
    It might rhyme with feed.
    Or, when I say lead,
    It might rhyme with fed.

  19. Another guess until we'r full
    a snap or a zipper pull

  20. You might consider whether,
    A bed is a bed of feathers.

  21. You might consider very hard,
    If the pool is a pool in your yard.

  22. You might consider what is in a school,
    And, when a school is in a pool.

  23. In your head might enter,
    Is it a beating heart or is it a center?

  24. Another guess of some tap
    the piece known as a firing cap

  25. You might consider why,
    Something with a heavey heart would fly.

  26. By the time this whatzit, you get,
    The whatzit may be all wet.
    It is a snap
    That it is not a firing cap.

  27. Is your stomach getting queezy?
    If you look at the whatzit hints, this whatzit is easy.

  28. This whatzit, occassionally bounces,
    And is measured in ounces.

  29. Wouldn't it be a ball
    If I gave so many hints you couldn't digest them all.

  30. You would need to be a leader well set.
    If this whatzit you would get.

  31. OK, one more shot before I faint
    That of a leaded fishing weight

  32. J9 has blown open the gate!
    It is a leaded fishing weight!
    School of fish.
    Flying by casting.
    A fishing pool.
    A bed of a bass.
    A sinker on a leader.

  33. That one I thought I'd never guess
    Lucky I only waded through the mess!

  34. That whatzit was a blast,
    Of the weight that I will cast.
    My regards to those who visit,
    Even if you don't know what izit.