Sunday, June 14, 2009


There are two whatzits pictured here.
This is a snap, with a view so near.
You must name them both, and that's not all.
Your other chore could be very tall.
The third assignment, you must guess
What they have in common, your final test.


  1. It's marble or slate
    On a child's bouncy ball
    No, I've made a mistake
    It's not that at all.

    Instead it's a dog treat
    And a toy for Spot
    Is that the answer Gordon
    Cause it's all that I got!

  2. I laughed! I giggled! I almost choked!
    I jumped up and down til my shoes smoked!
    Try again, Audrey girl,
    But, please don't make my toenails curl!

  3. The first a rusty railroad spike
    The second a ball of yellow fright
    For the connection I must return
    after my fingers burn
    through google and
    until a connection is born.

  4. My first guess at connection is not too mellow,
    it has to do with the color yellow
    Here in the west the Chinese built the rails
    But that thought at connection makes me pale
    And now on to my next suggestion
    having to do with the color of engines
    In this case it is the FEC of yore
    and engine #1594

  5. I wish I was smarter
    When this game I play.
    To J9 I must ask...
    What you say?

  6. A railroad spike is very right,
    But, I don't know balls of yellow fright!
    Engine 1594 is a mystery. What's more,
    Color of engine guess is very poor.

  7. Noe Noe Girl! You are a trip!
    But, you just need to get a grip.
    Remember, the M&Ms were all ATE,
    Along with my lovely Mate.

  8. Perhaps the ball is not a toy
    But something warm and fun
    I am thinking that the yellow ball
    Represents the sun

  9. In order to answer this quiz
    You must know what it is.

  10. Please pardon the pun,
    But, your guess needs some sun.
    If you are in this whatzit hunt,
    You will find it right out front.

  11. J9, if the answer you are to find,
    I would be frugle with your google.

  12. I believe the sun to represent
    The sunshine state, I think!
    Which makes if Florida from which
    Gordon teases with a wink!

    I Googled that to my dismay
    Of railroads, there are many
    FWCR, BAYL, FCEN are some
    I am running out of rhymes -
    But I am having fun!

  13. The only thing coming to mind
    Is the railroad you would find
    That ran through St. Augustine to Biscayne Bay
    Am I even going the right way?

  14. It would be smarter as you play,
    If all your railroad thoughts went away.

  15. You've named the spike of rust,
    Now you will name the other whatzit, I trust.

  16. Pool ball?

    No it does not rhyme,
    but Reggie Girl I can not find.

    Well, that rhymed. But I have emailed RG and no response. Where iz you girl? I think she is having computer problems.

    Since you have been so kind as to keep a list of everyone and keep us on our toes, even when I drop the ball, I am naming you interim RG until she returns. So could you please pick a random name from the hat (someone who is still participating), and let them know so they can come up with our assignment for this week. I know everyone likes to get a head start. And since we are talking about head starts, after you pick the next name, I will go ahead and pick one for out June 26, shootout.

    Thanks. You are now our official secretary.

  17. Patty, you're correct in your guess that it is a billiard ball.
    Now, the only thing left is the final call.
    What, in common, do these two whatzits have, I ask.
    The winner will be the one that completes this final task.

  18. Noe Noe Girl, surely you jest.
    Nobody said this was an easy test.

  19. I know, I know!
    Together they go.
    Rusted thought it my be,
    it used to hit something on a tee.

  20. Patty, without a doubt,
    I could not figure that guess out.
    These whatzits uses tangle,
    If you look from the right angle.,

  21. I seriosly doubt this is it
    However my mind is in a fit
    I found a video demonstrating
    the weaponry for Kung Fu mastering
    Like I said a stretch, but I hope
    Using a spike or a weighted ball on a rope

  22. I don't want you to google yourself silly and still be all confused.
    This question can be answered by looking at how things are used.

  23. How are the goals accomplished when these whatzits do it?
    And, how do they get around to it?

  24. Good grief Gordon
    The gauntlet you've thrown!
    I'm taking a stab
    Now don't you groan!!

    It's metal, it's pool
    Is it posts on a board
    Of the diving sort
    Know what I mean, Gord?

  25. You've answered what the whatzits iz!
    That is not now part of the quiz.
    If you think what their life is like,
    You will make the lucky strike.

  26. It's not a matter of technical knowing.
    How do they get where they're going?

  27. Aww, your last clue takes me
    to an earlier thought.
    I don't know what it's called
    But I'll give it a shot

    Those long metal rails that are shaped like a long skinny U and a ball rolls down them!

  28. You are not looking for an object, nor its fraction.
    The whatzit answer has to do with an action.

  29. A bb pellet from a gun?

  30. What, in common, does a Railroad Spike have with a Billiard Ball?
    Jusr answer that and please us all.
    This hint I give to my friend,
    So we may reach a successful end.
    The only way they get to their ultimate goal in wood or in pockets.
    They must be ______ (rhymes with luck) by something else.(this is not science of rockets).

  31. Wow, I should really
    Check off the internet, silly
    When I do we get
    lot's of clues to make us guess.
    OK then I'll take a shot
    A Spike of iron from a railroad track
    A Ball of yellow from a Billiard rack
    The only thing tying these two
    together is your final clue
    they both must be struck to reach their goal
    Now can we quit and rest my soul?

  32. A spike of iron from a railroad track!
    A ball of yellow from a billiard rack!
    What a great rhyme! Here is your pass!
    You may move to the head of the class!