Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The query now, to you, is whatzit?
J9 is queen of a whatzit blog.
She knows this: IVORY TUSK OF A


  1. A Tooth from a prehistoric shark?
    Or is it much closer to tree bark
    The end of a boomerang worn
    An old wooden ski
    Or the crecent moon is shown?

  2. J9, if you let Audrey and Noe Noe win this time,
    It will mean you're past your prime.
    They snuck in when you were out,
    And stold your thunder. There is no doubt.
    It is none of the things you propose.
    You will try again, I suppose.

  3. Hmm a piece of cantaloupe Rhine?

  4. The image is blurry
    was that intentional
    or is the owner of the whatzit furry?
    To me the markings still look woody
    a wooden knife would be purdy!

  5. ooo oooo Robyn's thought might bring me luck
    could it be the inside of a coconut husk?

  6. A sword of wood
    a fruity skin
    this whatzit makes my head spin
    Mango, Papaya and guava too
    I even searched for florida fruit rinds!

  7. I keep this whatzit in my den,
    And, proudly show it to special friends.

  8. I just had an idea
    of Sunday dinner with mi familia
    we had sweet potatoes on the grill
    could that be it, or am I shrill?

  9. Sweet potatoes make me smile!
    I'm afraid you missed it by a mile.
    There is no need to cool or heat it,
    Because you're never going to eat it.

  10. Perhaps a sheath for a knife or sword
    Of which you are proud to horde?

  11. Methinks I know the secret word -
    Of Paradise - is this a Bird?

  12. I would have never thought of that!
    A great guess! But, now say, "Drat!"
    Your imagination knows no bounds.
    You're at the top of whatzit hounds!

  13. ok, so it isn't a husk
    is it perhaps an ivory tusk?

  14. Sandra Leigh, I say, with glee.
    You got a big chuckle out of me.
    A bird is wrong and cold as ice,
    Even if it is from Paradise.

  15. another guess for you
    a model of a canoe?

  16. I really have to rest my head
    it is tiem for me to go to bed!

  17. It isn't a canoe or a gnu.
    But, I'll give this much to you.
    One of your answers was very hot,
    But, which one, I will tell you not.

  18. Yes, me too. in great sorrow.
    Maybe I'll hear from you tomorrow.

  19. After further review,
    J9, I have good news for you.
    The teeth of a feral pig
    Get long and sharp and big.
    It's ivory is not a common grade,
    But, indeed ivory it has made.
    Your answer is correct, I trust.
    It is an ivory tusk.
    You have my uttermost respect.
    Your whatzit answer is correct.

  20. I know it! I know it!
    Or...I THINK I know it!
    A letter opener!

  21. Ooops...should have read your comment to J9 before I offered my thoughts! Hmmm...still think it would make a GREAT letter opener!