Wednesday, June 3, 2009


There are many things that are notzit.
The query now, to you, is whatzit?

J9 knows gators! She knows grits!

She gives these whatzit games a fit.

She knows her rocks and knows her vines.

She even knows SEA URCHIN SPINES!


  1. Can you hear my agonizing moans,
    To think that you would call them stones.
    Another guess, you must consider
    If you're to be a homerun hitter.

  2. I agree with Noe Noe - they DO look nasty! I am going to guess they are earthworms!

  3. It cannot be earthworm.
    Earthworms slither and squirm.

  4. It is not a baseball bat,
    nor, is it something left from a rat.

  5. They look shiny and polished
    Each encircled with bars
    Perhaps Noe Noe is right
    In assuming cigars.

    Can they be eaten
    Or are they for show?
    My next guess is sausage -
    Let's give that a go!

  6. They cannot be eaten and cannot be smoked.
    My giving of hints will, now, be invoked.
    To find them, if I had the notion,
    I might, possibly, look in the ocean.

  7. I must now go to earn a living.
    Later today, more hints I'll be giving.
    You may just figure it out.
    You two are a team. There is no doubt.

  8. Noe Noe stole my answer! AGAIN!

  9. Sea Shells? No,no,
    Audrey and Noe Noe.

  10. This final hint I give before I depart,
    Because you are both close to my heart.
    Living in the ocean is a real test,
    That is one part, and this is the rest.
    To figure this out you must be clever.
    But, even if you are it might be never.

  11. Oh! And by the way,
    What did the post of this whatzit say!
    "Please post an answer on my blog.
    It's neither a SEA SHELL nor a frog."

  12. OK now I throw my hat into the ring
    i will guess that this thing
    it a seed pod of the mangrove
    I've seen them floating all over the cove

  13. Our day's complete! J9's here!
    But, you are also wrong, my dear.
    If you want to be the very best,
    You must study for the test.

  14. Noe, Noe, your answer has no scrupples.
    You must also become a pupil.
    Pay close attention to the whatzit hints,
    That tell of these and where they went.

  15. I'll try again at this whatzit of ills
    is it swordfish bills?

  16. Is it some sort of fishing tackle/bait??

  17. Would I perhaps be in the park
    If I guessed the teeth of a shark?

  18. "A real test" is some kind of "testicle." Eeeewwwww Gordon! That is GROSS!

  19. Tentacles are my next guess
    4 of 8, or a squid's is my next best
    it could also be a fish of jelly
    lost to you in feeding it's belly

  20. So comical these guesses and strange notions!
    Where could you take a test in the ocean?
    I keep saying these hints are the keys.
    If you take the test, you will also take these.

  21. Let me repeat my clue fro before:
    "Living in the ocean is a real test.
    That is one part, and this is the rest."

  22. Tests are for schools
    and schools are for fish
    so now we have an unedible dish
    the other place to take a test I reckon
    is Aquarius research station

  23. A test is a test is a test!

  24. And it also depends on how the word "take" is used.

  25. You would test the depth of the ocean - is this something for measuring ocean depth???

  26. You must expand your knowledge of test.

  27. And, you would do sysmographic testing. Am I close?

  28. That last clue was best by far
    I now think this is a star
    The kind that lives in the sea
    and is also a type of "fish" we see.
    For those looking for definition:
    the hard, protective shell or covering of certain invertebrates, as echinoderms or tunicates (starfish)

  29. J9 you are working very hard.
    But you are only in the yard.
    You must learn a little more
    To throw open the door.

  30. I never said these were the test.
    If you find the test, you will find these.

  31. You may find a test or a star.
    When you find the right test, you'll know where you are.

  32. I have observed many, many times,
    That these functioned as wind chimes.

  33. There are many ways to rend it.
    It might even be a beautiful pendant.

  34. Many night lights are made from the test.
    The color of these are really the best!

  35. Interject if I could, perhaps driftwood?

  36. Whatzit tests are not for the feint of heart.
    Sometimes you work to do your part.
    To pass this little test of mine.
    You'll certainly have to have a spine.

  37. Kim, thanks for dropping in.
    But, your guess just will not win.

  38. Aha - not stars at all
    a close relative for where it falls
    Sea Urchin Spines I can atest
    I should have known these best
    Ashamed to say I am a diver
    and these hadn't crossed my mind either!

  39. Surely there is out there, now.
    A shooter who will soon avow,
    To what these little whatzits are.
    This can't continue to go on very far.
    My fingers are getting bruises and dents,
    From typing all of these wonderful hints.

  40. Gordon, you can't be serious
    These must be urchin spines
    if not I'm curious.

  41. My google search turned up this:
    for sure I thought I'd had you best!

  42. J9, the diver, wins the marathon.
    I'm very sorry this can't go on .
    I hope this has been an educational game.
    If not it's been fun, just the same.
    Google urchins, tests and spines.
    To see these beauties, all, divine.
    The whatzits spines were in my drawer.
    But, look them up, and you'll see more.

  43. J9, keep you answered as I was typing.
    So don't go ventilating and hyping!
    You clicked your comment before I clicked mine. I knew it was only a matter of time.
    Without you here to keep me strait,
    This whatzit game would not be great.

  44. I love the whatzit game - even though I am not that good at it!

    Whatzit next, Gordon?