Thursday, June 4, 2009


The query now, to you, is whatzit?

The team of Patty and J9 named this planet, perfectly.

It starts with M. It's Mercury.


  1. Oh,that Noe Noe is a smart one. I am going to say that it is a loaf of homemade bread.

  2. Your answers made me laugh and wheeze!
    I thought you'd recognize this with ease.
    This hint I give, and it is free.
    This whatzit's baked continuously.

  3. Your hint has me thinking. And thinking and thinking! What is baked continuously - the earths surface, pottery clay. I am going to go with adobe clay.

  4. thanks for visiting my blog. i also thought bread...

  5. It looks like a planet,
    could it be?
    Won't you tell me I'm right?
    Please pick me!

    I had a minute. That's about it.

  6. Patty is right in her pick, today.
    But, could we just finish this play.
    What planet is baked the most?
    Please answer that question for this host.

  7. Mercury, closest to the sun
    baked continuously would be the one.

  8. Mercury is the one.
    It is indeed closest to the sun.
    J9 is always there, without a doubt,
    To finish these whatzits out.

  9. Since one I have never got
    I am so happy I got that.

    Not bad to be there with J9
    She knows her stuff; she is so fine.

    Yea! I got one. Well, half of one. I should have thought, "red planet."

  10. This question keeps bouncing in my head.
    How could a planet be a loaf of bread?

  11. I always liked the crust the best.
    Maybe I have failed the test!
    I therefore, declare this whatzit fake!
    It must be bread, or even cake!