Thursday, June 4, 2009


Before I post my toys, there is something that needs to be said. Scruffy disappeared for a couple of days this week, and when he returned he was wearing Reggie Girl's cap. It even has her initials on it. He said the only way you will get it back, Reggie Girl, is to come to Florida and go fishing with him. Prince can come, too. He and Scruffy would be great pals.

You have great taste, Reggie Girl!!

It has been said that the most a man could ask for in life is to have one good dog and one good woman love him. I am a blessed man.

I've had a few good dogs. This was, perhaps, the best. He was smarter than I am. I know! I know what you're thinking, J9! That wouldn't have to be very smart.

One good woman! Hey, we're talking about hallowed ground, here! Billie has never said, "Don't go!" She only says, "Have fun!"
(Scripture) 1 Corinthians 13:11
When I was a child I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I.....
(Reality) ....bought Big Boys' Toys and went out to play!
Until I lose my marbles, I'll continue to buy Big Boys' Toys and keep having fun.

We do have fun! My daughter, Tami, caught the big one behind us. It started out at 150 pounds. It has grown in five years to about 280 pounds. The other two aren't slouches! They're over 150 pounds, now. Robyn, we caught our limit that day out of Ninilchic. Click on the picture to appreciate the size of the...err...300 lb. fish.

Many of my friends and I have forgotten more Big Boys' Toys than we own. This is my pal, James, who continues to battle pancreatic cancer.
Grandson, Cameron. Big Boy Toy connoisseur in training.

What would our Grandparents think if they could see our toys today? Cameron and his dad, Jim.
The World Golf Hall of Fame complex is a great place to visit when you drop in to see us.

The WHATZIT putter. Even I can make that one.

My grandson, Braden, a terrific golfer, and a fine young man.

Yep! They are almost there. (learning to relax in a Big Boy Toy)
Jim and Brady, on the Honda that I won at a drawing.

My son-in-law, Jim, is teaching the Big Boy Toy thing to his sons.

I do still have a lot of my old toys lying around. In this stack the only thing I'm qualified to use these days, is the pink golf ball.

If there were not thousands of retirees (old as dirt) here, I would probably have a bike. The ancient ones will run over you and not even know it. Wait a minute! I think I'm one of them now.

They say that the two happiest days of a mans life is the day he buys his first big boat, and the day that he sells it. Click on the photo to see the asking price of this used boat.

Seven Hundred Fifty Horsepower ought to do it!

My neighbor's sister drives the convertible. He drives the van, but is the best mechanic I've ever seen. He restores old cars in his garage.

This, certainly qualifies as a classic Big Toy, for a big boy.

Some toys look good just sitting in the driveway.

My favorite Big Boys' Toy Store in our town, Gander Mountain. My favorite anywhere? - Cabela's! Bass Pro Shops, for fishing.

My wife says I have more fishing rods than Wal Mart, but, I can't compete with Gander Mountain.

The ole lure photo op!
These are sharp, but I prefer Penn.

Bagman was negotiating for this one. As I left I heard him ask, "What do I do if it rains?"

For the Big Boy who doesn't fish, but enjoys SPEED.

We are in the right state for kayaks. Big Boys can never have too many.

There are electronic gadgets for everything!

I don't think a deer would be afraid of that rifle. Do you?

Compound bows. I was afraid if I touched them that they might go off!

Nice friendly fellow, but, it was curious that he was carrying around his pet turkey.

Too, drab for my taste.
This man was great! We talked about guns, and then he posed for me. I told him, "Look mean!"

Does it hurt less if an animal is shot with a pink rifle? Just wondering.

When a woman talks about a bow, these days, it's probably not for her hair.

Lots of colorful hats for our ladies. There's one just like Reggie Girl's!

This sales lady was kind enough to show me that there were lots of things for Big Girls, too. I don't mean that in a bad way ladies.

This lady I met in the store was, obviously, not a native Floridian. I noted that her tan was lacking. I talked to her for a long time, but she refused to comment. Oh, and by the way, I didn't tell her, but she sure had a tiny head. (very patriotic, though)


  1. I can say you are having fun there always! I am here having fun looking at the photos! Blessed to have great family and friends. They are lucky to have you. Lots of big boys' toys, great fun!

  2. I enjoyed this post very much! Great family, amazing activities and interesting toys. Have a wonderful weekend, Gordon :).

  3. Gosh that was so different I was mesmerised!

    There were even PINK guns. I've never seen a gun except on the movies or in a police officer's holster.

    Reggie's hat had me laughing ...

    Thank you ...loved the whole thing. Mine is very very tame by comparison!

  4. What a great posting to share!!!! I loved it.

  5. Hi Gordon, what a lot of work you put into that.Very cool! I loved the Kayaks the best. :D

  6. That was great! I loved the little journey into Big Boy land! Thank you for that.
    Okay... a pink rifle is just wrong! Am I right, ladies? Whoever invented that should be, well, shot!
    I am shocked at the asking price of the boat, and incredulous at the size of the fish your daughter caught! I am curious/naive - was that tuna that she caught?
    Your wife is absolutely lovely! And I love her attitude - have fun!
    I am sending strength and prayers to James.

    Thanks for a very enjoyable journey through the land of boys that are big.

  7. You are the sweetest thing ever Gordon!! I am going to talk to Prince this weekend to see when we can get to St. Augustine to fish with you and your bunch!! Are we going to catch 326 pund fish? Of course we will, lol.I love the hat!!
    What a beautiful radiant woman your bride is!! Your grandchildren are always so delightful and happy looking.....that Cameron is a cutie and a future headache for the parents when the girls come knocking, lol.
    I love all of your "Big Boy Toys" but it is your spirit of adventure that is priceless my friend.
    Have a weekend filled with love, joy and laughter and..........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  8. Hi Gordon,
    I just loved your post! What great photo's your shared. Those sure are some Big Boy's toys, except maybe that pink rifle. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Well now we know what keeps men happy while the ladies are all out at the mall having their fun shopping and talking up a storm with other ladies who are having fun there! I love how the Big Boy Toys get bigger and better as the post goes on!! Even a lady can fall in love with some Big Boy toys and if I had my pick I would love that little red sports car or the old-timer one that comes right after. I could be a happy woman in life with something like that to match the good man at my side!! I used to sell my handmade bears at bear-shows, and while the women were admiring the bears I often started a conversation with the very bored looking husbands asking them what their hobbies were. I was amazed at how many fascinating things men filled their time with, the most interesting one to me was the man who made his own model trains!! Real collectors items!! Anyway, a great post, keeping my interest right from top to bottom!! DEbby

  10. this is a very interesting and informative post! what a surprise also. so this is what men do and what goes through their minds. I have always wondered.

  11. I just loved your post! What great photo's your shared. Those sure are some Big Boy's toys. Love the halibut pictures! Nothing better than fresh halibut cooked to your style!
    Very beautiful wife you have there. Lucky man!

  12. You WIN! Awesome post!

    Gosh! Where does one start?? Beautiful wife, and you are a lucky man. I tell my sweetheart that a lot too, but then he knows it.

    Are you sweetheart's cousin? Seems like he has had a lot of those same big boy toys over the years too. He's trained my two sons all to well. I think between the men in my life who ever dies with the most guns WINS! I think they are all nuts. But I have my own and have a licences to carry, so I guess they have sucked me in too.

    You know how we love the World Golf Village and I think we prefer Penn round this house too.

    Loved that you showed us some of your GRAND children, aren't they just GRAND?

    Can't wait to see next week!

  13. Oh, my husband loved this post. And what a great one it was. I would die for that classic car. Do you think you can take me for a ride in it.

    And you know you bring us both to tears when you post fish. And those are some fish!

    We could use two extra motors on our boat.

    My husband loves golf! You have some wonderful courses down your way.

    Gordon, do you have any secrets when it comes to stealing some extra time? I am so far behind, I don't even know who is shooting anymore. I think it is great that our list is growing.

    Sara Lulu gets to pick next weeks assignment.

    You have a good weekend.

    Oh, and you must get yourself up here and teach us how to fish. No, it does not work putting our anchor down in the middle of boaters and asking what they are using. We use the same bait that they use, and we get nothing. I even say, "Here, fishy, fishy."

  14. Dang...that's a lot of big boys toys... (my husband is not aloud to see this post...he may add to his already booming cache...Those fish, huge! I gotta say have F.U.N.!

  15. Patty and Reggie Girl told me I have the privilege of picking next week's Friday Shoot Out topic. Thank you ...

    So ... *drum roll*....

    In honour of my new granddaughter Matilda.

    Anything beginning with M.

    Sarah Lulu

  16. Gordon you did a great job with this one... I am just in awe of all the "big boy" toys. I really liked the marbles photo. The old car.. I love old cars. I do like going into the sporting goods store and looking around. I don't think my female cousins that hunt would have a pink rifle. Those fish are huge!

  17. Haha! What a wonderful idea! All the photos were awesome and my husband loved looking at all of them as well. :)

  18. it is a creative take on this week's theme! thanks for sharing such a fun big boy's toy series! i have fun looking at all the of pics here ;)

  19. What fun! Big Boy Toys! It would be interesting to compare the winter version. When it snows here they use neon coloured golf balls. I'm happy you still have all your marbles and such a beautiful understanding soul mate. =D The classic car reminded me of the '50's when we all had to lean forward in the back seat to get the car up the hill. Thanks for the entertaining post!

  20. Oh my, I cannot let hubby see this, he will want bigger toys, and I am the biggest he has :)

    Those fish! Okay he did look, because he heard me say "Oh MY Gosh, look at those fish"! and since we love to fish, he came running! Love the much, love'em...

    We are heading out today, down south to fish for bass, with my foot in a cast and all...hubby figures I might attract attention to the bears, but I could still out run him, lol

    Have a beautiful day, and bless you all...

  21. Audrey, we caught those fish just for the Halibut.

  22. Whoo Hooo! Big Boy toys and Reggie Girl's cap!

    What a great fun post.

    Of course I'm still stuck wondering about that guy with the turkey? Where exactly is his arm going to hold that turkey up?

    It doesn't look decent to me, especially with that smile on his face!

  23. Barry, don't you know that his turkey is a stuffed turkey!

  24. Ya gotta stuff him sometime!!

  25. Gordon.......that picture on your header is just the cutest thing I've ever seen!! That has to be one of your precious grandkiddo's!!
    Great news......Greece is joining our map!!
    Jue @ said that she wants to join in the fun. Would you be so kind as to add her name to the list? I told her to pop on over here and and say hello to you (as I know my site info is poor at best, lol.'s a time issue).
    You're the greatest dude!!
    Thanks and have a blessed rest of the weekend my friend.

    Steady On and Walk in Faith
    Reggie Girl

  26. Had to delete that first comment, made a ridiculous typo. I would have lost sleep over it. LOL!

    I said: Oh that little Scruffy - how he does his squirrely tricks is still a mystery! :)

    Awesome post - your grandkids are so cute.

  27. sorry I didn't read all the comments so I may repeat what has already been said... was that a PINK! rifle... shows that they still are not taking women seriously... pink - I wont even buy tennis shoes to work out at the gym if they have pink anywhere on them. I don't wear finger nail polish either cause it looks sissy when I am lifting weights...
    I love the kayaks - and these are not boy toys - they are seriouse exercise machines...
    great post.