Monday, June 8, 2009


The query now, to you, is whatzit?

J9, my curse, has broken through.

She named the mango, without any ado.

She will be stopped! She will be thwarted!

If not, my mind will be contorted.


  1. Calling this a sunburn may be a hint
    I think to throw me it is meant
    Sticking with the theme of M oh
    I'm going to go with Mango

  2. I give up! You're the best!
    How did you do it? That's my quest.
    A mango, it is indeed.
    Did you detect the original feed?

  3. It must be time for an another storm of snow,
    Or another creation just as low.

  4. Dear Gordon, do not pall,
    It was simple deduction that is all
    You just did a fruit cooked and canned
    and were sicking with with the letter M
    I looks like a Mango
    and can't dance the tango
    I would keep guessing any way
    As these WHATZITs make my day!