Thursday, June 11, 2009


Please post an answer on my blog.
It's neither a seashell nor a frog.
It's on the web, the place I gotzit.
The query now, to you, is whatzit.


  1. In an attempt to maim
    I do love the name
    In an effort to be a tricker
    did you get this from flickr?
    If that is so and you want me to miss
    The backdrop to my oldest's play will be my guess

  2. I'm still the only guess along for the ride?
    OK, some other thoughts will not hide
    Stripes from Jupiter turned on it's side
    A member of the red hat society bride
    the district in Amsterdam named red light
    the cape of a mouse of might

  3. I see a face
    An eye and nose
    Is it Spiderman
    In a shade of rose?

  4. J9, I'm surprised at you!
    I'm sorry you're in a stew.
    This is something you see every day.
    I'm so glad you came to play.

  5. Audrey, I'm sorry this whatzit is so hard.
    J9 has put me on my guard.
    An eye and a nose are not in the mix.
    Spiderman is not doing his tricks.

  6. Well you have me in a fix
    I'll add food to the mix
    Apple, tomato Pomegranate too
    All these are fit to stew
    The only thing I can guarantee
    every day for to see
    Is a reflection of mine
    but you are not that kind!

  7. J9 has truly raised the bar
    Because she thinks so quick
    The texture on the left hand side
    Looks like beads upon a stick.

    The fade to pink is throwing me
    What do I see each day?
    The sun, the moon, the trees the stars
    Is it the planet Mars?

  8. Audrey, in Canada you may
    Not see this every day.
    Of California this whatzit is a part,
    It has a close spot to J9s heart.

  9. Ah Gordon, you had me for a while
    But I have figured out your guile
    This WHATZIT is an image of me
    but not the reflection I daily see
    It is my kindergarten photo
    which graces my blog and posts pronto!
    Well done for a challenge
    easy to manage!

  10. I'm just to nice in giving you hints.
    But, I must admit, you are intence.
    Very nice,J9. You've shown your grit.
    You were very quick in guessing it.
    Audrey, I'm sorry for that.
    After tomorrow, hold onto your hat!

  11. I can see it now
    I have been so blind
    Over J9's pic
    I was in a bind!

    This game is fun
    I like it a lot
    A weekly challenge idea
    I will give my best shot!

  12. Sorry I missed this- end of school year has my head spinning.