Thursday, July 2, 2009


Anniversary, and Much, Much More!!
Jenna, the main character in my story.

Tuesday was our Forty-Second Wedding Anniversary. After working all day and going out on a dinner date to celebrate, I was tired and ready to kick back and relax. It was at that point that my granddaughter, Jenna, came to me and asked, "Papa, will you take me out on the dock, fishing?"
That was not what I wanted to hear.
I said, "Jenna, it will be dark soon. You could only fish for about twenty minutes." hoping that she would decide not to go.
She said, "That's okay. We can fish until dark."
Reluctantly, I replied, "Alright, get your pole. Let's go."
As we walked out the back door of the lakehouse, I observed an awe inspiring sight, a beautiful sunset that is, partly, the subject of this post.
I said, "Wait, Jenna! Let me get a camera!"
I helped her fish (She caught 12.) and took photos for the next thirty minutes. I don't know how I avoided sliming the camera.
I realized, Tuesday night, that there are so many opportunities to celebrate life. None are better than with a beautiful granddaughter and a glorious sunset.
I have chosen to share that experience with you. The photos are in the sequence they were taken. Nothing has been done to change or enhance the color. Thanks for sharing with me.
Walking to the dock. The rest are from the dock.
Click on the ones you like the most to fully appreciate them.

Can you visualize the whole shoreline of trees as a flaming arrow or spear in flight?

Fish On!

I will print and frame this magic moment.

My favorite. (other than the ones with Jenna)

The dot of light is a neighbor's security light.

Good night, everyone! Celebrate life!


  1. Happy Anniversary and Gorgeous sunset, way to go Gordon!

  2. We really enjoyed viewing the sunset with you and your granddaughter :)

    There are AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS photos, Gordon!

    Happy 4th to you and your family, and Happy Friday too.

  3. Happy Anniversary and Happy 4th of July. Hope yall have a fun and safe weekend!

    So loved the story and pictures of your grandaughter. She is precious! And 12 fish! She's a good little fisher woman! You trained her right. Your pictures are awesome.

  4. your pictures took my breath away! so beautiful. and love the story along with it. I also had to post early as I will be gone all weekend.

  5. Wow-za! Gordon, you captured the essence of celebration! To be with the ones you love against a backdrop of life in full color...

    Happy Independence Day!

  6. Congrats on your anniversary! Wonderful sequence of photos. The silhouettes of your granddaughter are my favorites.

  7. Happy Anniversary Gordon!

    Oh my stars! Those pictures are incredibly beautiful. Thank you to Ms Jenna who talked Papa into a fishing adventure, and thanks to her for allowing Papa time to celebrate life not just with her, but with all of his blogger friends. What a wonderful gift you have both given us! Thank you!

  8. Gordon - really truly beautiful.

  9. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful kiddos, too.

    Your photos are just wonderful, Gordon. I love the way you captured the setting sun. We have a friend in another state who was a POW in Vietnam for 5 years. He escaped twice and was captured. He was tortured, starved, and kept in solitary for most of his time there.

    The first time we went to his house we were having dinner when the sun began to set. He had us all get up and go to the deck to watch the sun set. He said after he was freed, he has never missed a setting sun. That is one man who knows all about, "Life." Thank you for reminding me of the first time we watched the sun set with him. It was a lesson I had almost forgotten.

  10. Awesome shots of the sunset! and happy anniversary.

  11. Oh yeah, how gorgeous!! Happy Anniversary. :D

  12. Happy Anniversary, Gordon! Those are real stunning shots to celebrate life. Wonderful post. Have a great weekend :)

  13. Happy Anniversary Gordon! Celebrating Life with you my friend.

  14. Spectacularly beautiful,Gordon.Thanks for showing us. :D

  15. BEAUTIFUL! Beautiful story. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful place to be. Happy Anniversary & Happy 4th of July!

  16. A great story, both in words and pictures. I like the spearhead sky and love the darkening sky with the pinprick of light. And the one of Jenna with the bent fishing rod!

  17. Thank you for sharing the sunset, it was awesome! Thank you Jenna for convincing Grandpa. Happy anniversary and Happy Fourth to you and your family. =D

  18. Absolutely amazing!!! I love the little fish in the picture with Jenna all in shadow.

  19. Happy Anniversary! The sunset photos were absolutely amazing and breathtaking.

  20. Happy Anniversary!

    These are absolutely amazing photos.

    Happy 4th of July!

  21. Happy Anniversary!!

    Those pictures are amazing. How blessed you are to live that close to a lake!!

  22. I really love sunset! Yesterday I have to run just to see the beautiful sunset. But when I arrived in the open area it was almost gone.

    I love these ramdom sunset photos you took. It's like I was there watching it too! And that timing shoot of your granddaughter catching fish is the best photo for me!

    Anyways, belated 42nd wedding anniversary

  23. FANTASTIC! I LOVED the progression of light to dark.
    What you would have missed, both visually and bonding, if you had stayed in your chair! AND, you have fresh fish!!!

  24. What an amazing progression. And the fishing shots were wonderful. Good work.

  25. Wonderfully enjoyable!!!
    Thank you!