Thursday, July 23, 2009


Please post an answer on my blog.
It's neither a seashell nor a frog.
St. Augustine is where we've gotzit.
The query now, to you, is: Whatzit?


  1. I'm the first guess?
    I'm impressed!
    This looks like a basket sitting on the grass
    or maybe a nut as big as my @$$!
    I suppose too it could be a ball
    for what game, I have no gall

  2. Oh J9, you take the cake!
    You make me chuckle, cough and shake.
    I had a giggling, cackling bout.
    I almost laughed my gizzard out.
    This whatzit is not even near
    The guesses made by you, my dear.

  3. We cnnot buy them in the store,
    But, in the beginning, there are four.

  4. Is this something you can eat?
    Perhaps for a treat?
    Guessing it will be a feat
    I've rulled ou coconut, and beet
    I'm going to guess bocce ball
    Lawn bowling it is sometimes called

  5. This is a thing many have eaten,
    It's something that you do not sweeten.
    These are not grown by man, my child.
    You only find them in the wild.

  6. A booche ball just will not fit.
    For bowling, it would not be a hit.
    However, you would be on a roll
    If you looked for it in a hole.

  7. Noe Noe, I hate to say it, but,
    You're the one who is a nut.

  8. I laughed and shook all over the place!
    I hee hawed til I was red in the face!
    I thought J9's answers were strange,
    But each new answer is more deranged.

  9. If you are to reach perfection,
    Seek a different Whatzit detection.
    You will be a real fox
    If you think ouside the box.

  10. If you come here to take a guess,
    Please don't cry with loneliness.
    I say with much great sorroe,
    I won't be back until tomorrow.
    By that time, with all involved,
    I'm sure this whatzit will be solved.
    So, just grab the big brass ring,
    And, then your praises I will sing.

  11. Another guess not a kerfuffle
    Is this a summer truffle?
    an added guess to boot
    is it a celery root?

  12. I have a new guess now
    One stomah of a cow
    Pardon me while I digress
    Could is be some Haggis?

  13. I've toyed with you for too long.
    Your answers I'm afraid, are so, so wrong.
    This hint I give to speed the pace.
    This whatzit is very much alive.
    The answer will shock you. That's no jive.

  14. is this one of those little bugs that are under logs and if you touch them they roll into a ball, but why would they start with 4 - HUM four legs, four sections, gordon sir you are too hard for me....

  15. Gordon, Common TO EASY ITS AN Armadilo.

  16. (Come on)Sorry about the spelling.
    on the last comment.

  17. Will and Ellen - congratulations
    I tip my hat in salutations!

  18. I was wrong. Will and Ellen beat out J9. J9, you have some competition!

  19. My old friend, Will, from Idaho,
    Dropped by to steal the show.
    He knows Armadillos at first sight.
    He's a whatzit champ, starting tonight.
    Will, join the fun from your home town.
    We post on Fridays; so come on down.