Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shoot-out Reflections

Most of you, I'm sure, will have beautiful or unusual reflected images, this week, to fulfill Audrey's great assignment. I have chosen to reflect on the time I've spent with you on Friday Shoot-outs. Looking back, I realize that this has been a very rewarding and growing experience. This is my opportunity to say, "Thank you."
First of all, I would like to thank Reggie Girl for inviting me to join the gang. She and Patty founded the Shoot-outs. RG commented on my Forever Fishing Friends blog on Thursday, and I posted a shoot-out on Friday at this blog, brand new then. We miss you Reggie.

Walk With Faith Steady On.

The very first day, on my initial assignment, "Cemeteries", I shot this photo of Mary Jackson's tombstone, forgotten, neglected and almost overtaken by the earth around it. I will never forget her name or the experience.

And, these have been the great times of exploring my old town all over again.


What a tremendous area we live in. History and beauty abound all around us.

I spotted a car for Bagman. If I had gotten it he would have never seen it.

And then, there was the day I joked about Mark's singing. I don't think he appreciated that very much. Sorry, Mark.

Double rainbows were the order of the day, in "Colors of the Rainbow."

"Wildlife" in our town made me proud to live in Florida.

Ginger has taught me all about flowers. This was a
"Whatzit Post" (pineapple) that she recognized right away.

I even had luck on my side, occasionally, for that rare shot.

Two weeks ago a granddaughter taught me that opportunities should not be missed. She took me to the perfect sunset.

There were rare sunrises to share with you.
During the week I have enjoyed whatzit games with many of you. J9 is the guru of the whatzit world. Oh, by the way: Whatzit?

This Whatzit holds the record for the most wrong guesses.

Beauty is everywhere, even in our food. Whatzit?
See answers to these three whatzits at end of this post.
You have tolerated Scruffy's antics, and his evil-eye reflection.

We'll not soon forget the transformer incident,

Or the funeral, afterwards.

You have endured my fishing pictures and lies.

You mourned, alongside me, a great friend's death. I thank you for that, and, for giving me the chance for a memorial post.

My wife was willing to catch the brunt of my musings,
as she disappeared as my mate, and then was ate.

My grandchildren have enjoyed the experience with me. This is Amber Nicole. I call her Amber Joy. Audrey, this is my one new reflection image post.

Shoot-outs refreshed my fond
memories of Tanner the Wonder Dog.
My grandchildren enjoy being in front of the camera.
I enjoyed being behind it, taking their photos.

This shot of grandson, Jared, was a classic.
Even, children reflect on the majesty of God in a setting like this.

Reflecting, now, on my Shoot-out experience, I realize that I have gained many friends whom I have grown to admire. How could that be when I've never met any of you? You must be special. Thanks for the memories.
Three whatzit answers: Basketball, Sea Urchin Spines, Watermelon Radish


  1. This is lovely - just lovely.

    I think one whazzit is a beveled glass windo with stained glass ....and the other is fishing lure worms! I guess ...*smiling*

    what a beautiful post - so glad I stopped by - and now I will have to see what my reflections will be on friday shoot outs tomorrow!

  2. I remember many of these shots also Gordon. you have outdone yourself with this one. great post!

  3. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Well done!

  4. Lovely is just the word. And that is a great shot of Jared!
    Thank you for sharing with us all.

  5. I love the smiles on the faces of your grandchildren and that IS a fantastic shot of Jared! These are memorable reflections, heartfelt. Thank you for posting this. Have the best week!

  6. thanks for sharing such great themes and photos.

  7. I miss Reggie Girl too.

    Amber Joy ..was lovely and I thought Jared jumping for joy was fabulous!!

  8. Gordon, that was a wonderful interpretation of the Reflections theme! Thank you for taking us on a walk through your journey in blog land. I enjoyed it very much.

  9. Gordon thanks for sticking with us through all your busy times and sad times. You are at the haert of this gang. I've never met so many kind people. It's a blessing to be connected this way to friends around the world. Beautiful post. There aren't words enough.

  10. great reflecting. I love your posts, shoot outs & other. I, too, have found great joy in being part of this "gang". I'm so glad I found it. ♥

  11. I miss Reggie too, your reflections are very thoughtful but then that is so you!

  12. Thank you for the reflections; it helps me, a relative new-comer, catch up on the rest of the gang and what you've been up to! You've got some great photos here.

  13. Very interesting and philosophical take on the theme, Gordon.

    All the photos were great and the commentary was surprisingly pouching.

  14. Ah Gordon - Thanks to YOU! You keep my mind whirling with your whatzits!

  15. That was just wonderful, Gordon. And so like you to be so organized and perfect in everything you do. I so loved this and your take on the assignment was perfection.

    Oh, and the photos are stunning.

    You have a great weekend, my friend.

  16. Gordon, you posted such a nice comment on my blog and I accidentally hit "reject" and couldn't undo there no "do over" in publishing comments??!! Anyway, I wanted to say I'm sorry - it was not on purpose!

    Your photos are fun and you've got me thinking about the "whatzit".

    So glad I found this fun blog!

  17. I love the photos especially the story behind them. You are really a smart man with so much great ideas. Keep inspiring us Gordon. Thanks so much!

  18. What a beautiful reflections entry Gordon! :-)

  19. Great reflection indeed! i enjoyed reading every thought of yours and admiring those beautiful photos you have here! wonderful entry!!