Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Please post an answer on my blog.
It's neither a seashell nor a frog.
St. Augustine is where I gotzit.
The query now, to you is: Whatzit?


  1. even making it larger didn't make the photo clear... you did that on purpose - looks like a cucumber and tomato salad waiting for the good things that need the hot sauce setting to one side.

  2. It is very clear, considering its setting.
    That is the part of the whatzit you are to be getting.

  3. I see kiwi and strawberries! And a salad. And a baked potatoe. Now I'm hungary!

  4. lunch in your fave sidewalk cafe? but how would I know the name having never been to your town? are you playing fair Gordon love?

    (in brasil they use meu amor alot....even to strangers)

    where did Noe Noe Girl see Kiwi and strawberries - I think she was hungry before looking at the picture....

  5. To name the food you see
    Is not important to me.
    The name of the cafe
    I don't want you to say.
    Much more important than that,
    Is whatzit you're really looking at.

  6. I thought this whatzit would be easy.
    My stoumach is getting very qweezy.
    To the lakehouse I must go now.
    I'll leave the answer! Don't have a cow!
    If you want the answer while I'm a goner,
    You must give me your word of honor
    That you will not give up without a fight,
    While I am gone away tonight.
    If the answer you seek detection,
    It's at the end of my post on Reflections.

  7. To me it looks to be a combo of two weekly themes.
    A reflection of outdoor food
    For the real thing I am in the mood!

  8. J9, the answer's broadly rough
    But, I say it's good enough.
    You earn so many Whatzit passes.
    It's outdoor food reflected in glasses.