Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Please post an answer on my blog.
It's neither a seashell nor a frog.
St. Augustine is where we've gotzit.
The query now, to you, is: Whatzit?


  1. That would be a logical guess,
    But, I'm sorry, it's not a press.

  2. This much I'll say from guesses made.
    This whatzit does, indeed, have a blade.

  3. Cutting wire is not its place,
    And, it would never touch your face.

  4. This whatzit shaves a certain thing.
    Naming that will glory bring.
    You'll will gain eternal fame
    In the annals of my whatzit game.

  5. Noe, Noe, ice
    Will not suffice.

  6. I will not leave you in the cold.
    This whatzit tool is very old.

  7. If I were a pioneer working wood,
    This whatzit would be very good.

  8. Walnut wood? As in a walnut cracker???

  9. To Kim's guess, I tip my hat,
    But, this is much more important than that.

  10. I haven't a clue - but given your love of fishing - does it scale fish....? your hint says its good with wood... still don't know
    and anyway isn't this week supposed to be about reflections?
    I'll do anything to avoid writing on my blog even ask silly questions

  11. Even though I may be wishing,
    This whatzit's not involved in fishinf.
    Reflections in the mirror could be a task,
    Or we could reflect upon the past.

  12. This tool of some import
    looks like an antique draw knife of some sort
    About the blades I am not sure
    If this is one tool and not two
    then I would guess for making casings or columns

  13. J9, you're here late in the game.
    I'm glad to see you just the same.
    This whatzit's use I would be defacing
    If I used it on columns or casings.

  14. I hate that I am working
    And late to all the games
    I think it is a fire starter
    Please Gordon - don't send me up in flames!

  15. This hint I give to turn the tide.
    It traveled across the plains so wide.
    It was the friend of wagoneers,
    And kept them all from shedding tears.
    These could have been among the wares,
    To aid in their emergency repairs.

  16. Hee Hee!! Ha Ha!! Ho Ho!!
    A fire starter will not go!
    Audrey, you make me smile.
    Pull up a chair and stay awhile.

  17. Where, oh where did Noe Noe go?
    She's missing the end of the show!

  18. And so I think in this mix
    A Waggon Wheel to fix
    This tool may be useful
    for such abuse y'all?

  19. You are so right in a broader call,
    But, what did it fix, and what's its name y'all.

  20. J9, I'm sure in your internet connections
    You'll name it now, without corrections.
    One hurdle left to clear!
    I wish you well my dear.

  21. If you're looking for something this unique.
    You might just think about antiques.

  22. Gordon, I am wracking my brain
    searching in vain
    tryng wheelwright, wainwright, cartwright too
    antique wagon wheel repair was my first stop
    can find books, but not the name
    my head will simply pop
    if my searching is so lame!

  23. Before your brain is broke
    Think of shaving the spokes.

  24. I learn so much in this whatzit game.
    Lotus plants and antique tools, a couple to name.
    J9, when you persist and endure
    You show your grit. That's for sure.
    Thanks for playing the game tonight.
    You are always quite a delight.

  25. You might look under spoke, or even shave, Before you put me in my grave.
    You might consider whether
    To put those words together.

  26. When two words become one
    It doubles the fun.

  27. I know you handed me this one on a platter
    An antique spoke shave I gather
    The images I did find
    look only slightly like yours I should remind!

  28. Eastern Time Zone is one o'clock.
    I'm here, dedicated like a rock.
    Will I sleep at all tonight?
    I'm hoping the end's in sight.
    Whatzits that challenge the mind
    Are so very hard to find.

  29. Thanks, J9! Off to bed at one o'clock.
    As a whatzit guru, you still rock!

  30. Another miss for me!
    VBS this week with Thee!
    J9 Rocks!

  31. Aww Gordon, this was great! I really enjoyed your relections.