Sunday, July 19, 2009


A pool of water on a Lotus leaf,
Reflecting trees and sunlit sky.
J9 has won again. My, oh my!!
Mother nature's always gotzit.
The query now, to you, is: Whatzit?


  1. Am I the first to play today?
    My guess for what its worth
    The elements of Water, wind
    And of course, the Earth

  2. OK I'll give it a try
    Water Earth and Sky

  3. J9 has me rhinking even more.
    Now your parts must add up to four.

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  5. Earth (as seen in the leaf)
    Water (as seen in the droplet on the leaf)
    Fire (as seen in the reflection of the sparkling sun in the droplet on the leaf)
    Sky (as also seen in the reflection)

  6. I will take another stab
    at this whatzit up for grab
    a banana leaf is the largest part
    filled with water from a rainy start
    blown about an a windy day
    reflecting a sky of stormy grey

  7. Oh this is fun!!! Uhmmmmmm the sun?? Maybe I don't get the game...that is what I saw. Plant, water, sky and sun....hmmmmmm. Sarah

  8. A water lily
    and drop of dew
    shows the sky above
    to me and you.
    Is that four...
    or maybe more?

  9. There is no trick to this my friend.
    Just name the photo parts to win.

  10. Gordon my guess has gotten lost
    In your approval process as host!

  11. Not sure where my comments are going but I will give it one more try-
    I say Earth,water,sun and sky!

  12. Sorry folks. I didn't realize the comments were being censored. I thought nobody loked me anymore. The first person to correctly name the plant is the winner. The other parts are: Water on a leaf, reflection of trees, reflection of the sky.

  13. looks like an elephant ear Philodendron to me but all 900 if the genus have simular leaf formattins at the stem.
    word verication - spider.... hum!

  14. A Philodendron, it is not.
    Is that all that Ginger's got?

  15. Drat - another guess begonia???

    word verify - gyrano
    as in verval gyration?

  16. I'm really glad that I have known ya.
    But, this is far from being begonia.

  17. This leaf holds water. It holds frogs
    That often hop from floating logs.

  18. A Lily pad (water lily)
    and thats my last guess.

    someone else needs to try.

  19. A lilly pad is what we say,
    When referring to this whatzit every day.
    But, alas, in the whatzit game
    We must guess its proper name.

  20. okay so I couldn't stand not knowing

    Nymphaea (pronounced /nɪmˈfiː.ə/) is a genus of aquatic plants in the family Nymphaeaceae. There are about 50 species in the genus, which has a cosmopolitan distribution.

  21. Looks like our experts on plants
    Has gotten Gordon to stop his rants!

  22. Sometimes we search the web for facts,
    And, still, the proper name we lacks.
    So, alas, my rants go on, my pretties
    In places close and foreign cities.
    J9, so smug and ginger, so wrong,
    You must, now, sing a different song.
    The master of the whatzit post
    Is certainly enjoying being your host.
    I'm laughing, shaking, rolling on the floor.
    My heart, surely, will not take much more.
    So, try again if you're so bold.
    I'll wait right here. My breath, I'll hold.

  23. Nelumbonaceae, is my recent guess
    I hate to be a pest,
    Lotus is a common name
    now can we end this game?

  24. My, oh my, aren't we testy.
    This whatzit game was very zesty.
    J9 has, once again, endured.
    Her itch for victory has been cured.
    I thought that it would never end.
    My hat goes off, to you, my friend.

  25. My research fard me well
    To Wiki I tip my Quill