Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shoot-out: Yard Art

It is still Friday, but, barely. I've been busy catching up on Town Blogger business, and getting caught up at home after my trip. Here are my entries for this week. I missed the interaction with you all while away. It's good to be back.
Sometimes art and flowers are a natural fit.

Totem art is almost always yard art.

Florida Palm trees can be artistic, especially
when they grow in unexpected directions.

Sometimes, fishermen find yard art appealing.

Wrought iron yard art is in good standing.

Sometimes yard art is on the roof.

Yard art can be in the neighborhood,
or it can be its own neighborhood.
Thank you for visiting.
I'll try to be my old self next week.


  1. Great yard art you found there!
    Sorry I missed you up here.

  2. I thought the Totem art would be my favorite, then I saw Marilyn!! Fantastic.

  3. Love it.. funny how our ideas differ so much but I think that's part of the fun...

  4. Oh Gordon - we have missed you a lot! Welcome back.

    I'm with Kerri on this one - Marilyn rocks the shoot-out!

  5. what great finds you have here. love the totem pole and the pink lady. how cool!!

  6. AND is good to have you back. I like the little village on a fence, and of course the fisherman with barbie (?)
    you can rest in the hammock any time and very near by is trout fishing, and hiking, and rafting (in season) and waterfalls, no pond though to much slope. you want our paradise to be perfect?

  7. I can make the list for you but missed the first two or three shoot-outs - only Patty and Reggie girl, and maybe B&B were before me.

  8. That Palm Tree is grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat. I didn't realize that they grew that way.

    BTW in my neighborhood the change would have gotten taken before I even was able to get the door closed behind me. hahaha.

    So if there was change there is not anymore.

  9. Nice Gordon! Like your fishing partner, but not sure she wants to ruin that outfit!

  10. Very cool yard art you found. Love the Marilyn and crazy palm tree.

  11. Fabulous Gordon! I've missed you!
    Those birdhouses are my favorites!

  12. Gordon, good to have you back. :)

    The squirrel actually doesn't have a feeder...he eats on the deck! LOL!

    These are really fabulous photos. :)

  13. Excellent. That was a lot of fun and even included a celebrity guest appearance!

  14. The fisherman is funny but I love those birdhouses! And I like the idea of shooting the town not your yard!

  15. Nice! ... and fun!
    I especially like the little neighborhood!

  16. Hi Gordon,

    Great photo's!!! A great mix of all kinds of things. I really liked the Marilyn Monroe. I did not do the Friday shoot outs for a few weeks due to family illness but I am back can you add me to the member link again. Thanks :)

  17. You found some great yard art, Gordon. I enjoyed the tour!

  18. Thanks for sharing the art yard ohotos in your area @ Gordon. I love all of them