Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Friday Shoot-out - Relaxation

This week, my post is early because I will be at the lake, relaxing. First of all, let me dedicate a little poem to Lena.
A bath! A bath! I love a bath!
In water, clear, or churning foam,
In mountain lake or back at home.
Oh, yeth! Oh, yeth! I love a bath!
I love them big and even thmall.
A Large Mouth Bath ith betht of all.
Copyright - Gordon Hand
Thank you, Lena, for the terrific assignment. If there is one thing I know how to do, it's to relax. There are so many ways to relax. I will focus, mostly, on relaxation from everyday stress, through fun activities.

No, I didn't post the wrong assignment. I like this sign so much, I might use it again next week.

My son, Bryan, and I took a few family friends out to the river, fishing, this past Monday night. Can you see the stress vanishing as he posed with his Grouper? I think he inherited the ultimate relaxation technique.

Uh Oh! It's love at first sight! Paul had never caught a trout. Now, he has not only caught one, he has kissed one. Spotted Sea Trout do have teeth.

The grandchildren swim like fish in the pool!

Relaxation with Mema, at the beach, is a loved summer activity.

Young men show off on their skim boards,
trying to catch the eye of our teenage granddaughters.
At St. Augustine Beach, fountains for cooling off
are open to anyone, but very popular with toddlers.
Even on a cool winter day, relaxing at the lake
is good for the soul. Our canoes and kayaks get
quite a workout during any season.
When our daughters get together, they relax
and get caught up on family news. We have
five children and nineteen grandchildren in five
different states.
Sometimes, the crew all get together to relax in a teacup at, nearby, Disney World.

Camping at our State Parks is a cherished activity for our family.
Riley is learning very well to relax.

Even on campouts we enjoy the bounties of the river.

There are places around our area where you had best not relax too much as you walk near the water.


  1. Happy fishing trip, Gordon, I hope you catch some tasty ones!

  2. I've seen some youngsters skim-board here in Singapore too, while they are having a good workout, I'm more interested in relaxing on the beach while photographing them! A good selection of relaxation photos.

  3. A great post Gordon. Fishing is always relaxing and it looks like everyone in your photos left their troubles behind. Of course, kids don't have troubles.

    Great poem. I love a hot bath for relaxation. I have a rubber crabby instead of a rubber ducky.

    Alligator. Noooo.

    Have a great weekend at the lake.

  4. I love your relaxation photos. boating, swimming, beaching......all the things I love to do to relax. Great poem too.

    Have a great time at the lake and go cast your troubles away.

  5. Great picstures. Definately my way of relaxing as well!

  6. oh my goodness your Grandkids sure are having tons of fun! ewwwww when he kissed the fish! Great shoot out Gordon!!

  7. These made me smile! *BIG GRIN* .... what a great theme this week!

  8. I love how the shoot-outs overlap, I can see celebrate life, and outdoor food, and people. great blog. the fish on the grill interest me (and my stomach) very much. the photo of your daughters need to be framed, excellent.

  9. First off, great poem @ Gordon. Congrats! I love its rhythm and sincerity of the message.

    As a Piscean and a nature lover, I love water very much like your family always do and have fun on the water. Nineteen grandchildren?! Oh man, it's so happy together seeing them having fun. It's the best relaxation as I imagine.

  10. your fishing relaxation reminded me of Dad's cousin. he was a teacher and he loved fishing. His school was a morning school, and after lunch, he would head off tothe river to fish and won't come back until around 6pm with a few tiny fish which he plonked on the kitchen sink and expects my aunt to clean and cook them.

    My aunt then moans and groans about this tiny fish.

    My dad asked why he went when he hardly caught any big fish and then have to come back to hear his wife nagging.

    He said," To have a few hours of peace and quiet.

    The wife said," If it wasn't for the tiny fish, I won't even nag."

    We kids just LOL. This is why I don't buy small fish. I must tell my husband about this.

  11. Somehow, water and relaxation go together hand in hand!

    Well, unless there's a crock lurking just under the surface!

  12. My favorite? Not a fisherman, alas.
    Like all the family ones and the beach ones. I guess if I had to pick one, it would be the playing in the surf one.

    Great pictures.

  13. How fun - thanks for sharing these great and happy photos!

  14. I would love ride in the tea cups at Disney - especially a pink one - my favorite color.

  15. Crocs are good eats too, lol, and my grandfather used to hunt them for making the relaxing that goes on in your neck of the woods Gordon!

  16. Being in, on or around the water seems to help your soul relax doesn't it Gordon? You have some delightful water pictures with your grandchildren. Take good care of Chef E on your fishing trip. Have a safe journey and a peaceful week.

  17. Love that sign too!

    And the tea cup.

  18. Love all of the water shots - and the "bath" poem was hysterical. Enjoy your vacation!

  19. My form of relaxing is hiking mountains, going boating, running-- I think I have inherited your style of relaxing

  20. You know I think we are so lucky living on the southeast coast. We are blessed with great ways to relax. You have shown a lot of my favorites too. You've got a great legacy and
    I think you have taught them well :)
    And again great photos.

  21. In looking over the shoot out folks, it seems that we also share a love of water! I like the gator Gordon!

  22. Everything was so relaxing that I want to be there :-)

  23. Oh my gosh, scarey...I would not be relaxing around that last pic, that's for sure. But definitely, swimming and family water fun are great ways to relax!