Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Please post an answer on my blog.
It's neither a seashell nor a frog.
St. Augustine is where we've gotzit.
The query now, to you, is: Whatzit?


  1. You know I have no idea.
    But happy I am the first one here.
    A sea creature it surely must be.
    But what it is is only a Wahtzit to me!

  2. I like Patty's answer. I was thinking some sort of sea creature also, but I don't know what species. An octopus arm..... I know, I'm not very good at this.

  3. Well, Stretching out so far an Ugly, It,s a Star fish Arm.

  4. Gordon, Look at what the Kids caught out of our back door, pecchiafamily.blogspot.com

  5. Willie's right.
    It's quite a sight!
    In St. Augustine it's quite a charm
    To identify a little Star Fish arm.

  6. So fast they guessed.
    I made such a mess.
    That was on my mind.
    But you are no too kind.
    Things are so hard.
    At least for me.
    But I'm happy I guessed
    That it came from the sea!