Monday, August 31, 2009


This is a photo of a Tiffany Window in the Lightner Museum depicting St. Augustine. He holds a CROZIER (atop his staff), which is the answer to this whatzit.

There are many things that are notzit.
The query now, to you, is: "Whatzit?"


  1. what happened to #44? so quick to post a new Photo, Gordon, this is the making of a truce, whatzit is a Druce. Hurry up and post #45 so I can show you up one more time.

  2. Gordon, I will take a gander, Is this a Mast of a ship? and if so is it a viking ship?

  3. I think on Viking Will is right
    But that stucco in the background is a fright
    I'm going to guess a portico
    on a building of stucco

  4. These guesses are a terrible shame, Nondeserving of this whatzit game.
    Will is broken, J9 wrong.
    You both should sing a different song.

  5. Gordon, Gordon Over your head you should over your head put a tarp might this be a wooden Harp?

  6. A Willie harp? A Noe Noe chair?
    You're so funny! I do declare!
    I laughed until both sides were aching.
    What comical guesses you are taking!

  7. I wish I could say you're getting hot.
    But, alas, I'm afraid you're not.

  8. Is a carving from Europe to include England or Scotland?

  9. It is a carving, Mr. Will,
    But, that is not my Whatzit's fill.
    It's even from Europe, but you must tell
    Me whatzit, sir, to ring the bell.

  10. As I researched that question I have found
    That it is usually somewhere above ground.

  11. I know my responses must frustrate or bore you.
    I reccommend that you study the scene before you.

  12. Is there no one in the whatzit world,
    Woman, man, boy ot girl,
    Who has the intestinal fortitude
    And recklessness, embude,
    To determine what this whatzit issle.
    I'm hearing your bravado begin to fizzle!

  13. Gordon, I have searched high and low for carving, viking, europe, serpent, dragon, goat, ram, windmill, iron cross, and around.
    My eyeballs are twitching, my senses are itching, and time has stood still.
    I will continue to search and search, and will at some point gain my perch.

  14. So many things in this world, so little time, I haved searched high and Low, and with your scanty little clues, I have nowhere to go. This whatizit has lost my Curiousity Fall is comming,The Elk are Bugeling, The Deer are Jumping and so are the Fish, I have so little time for a riddle like this. I like a challenge as you Know but, as for this I decided to let it go.....

  15. I have walked through a fair number of churches and castles (is that its spelling...talked in Portuguese today at length and can't remember my english now)
    ANYWAY for some reason I am thinking French, but like J9 I have web searched, rams, salamanders, eels, cross - motifs of wood carvings.... I am through.

  16. You are wise is searching churches, GingerV.
    In a church this whatzit has a place of honor for all to see.

  17. This whatzit was carved from ivory
    In century 13, of history.
    I have not intended to ignore you.
    You know that I am here for you.
    I was at the lake for a day.
    This game should be over, I would say.
    Look at a catholic bishop and you will find
    This whatzit then may be on your mind.

  18. This whatzit stumped the very best,
    Or maybe they didn't have time for this test.
    A CROZIER adorns the top of a Bishops staff.
    I guess my expectations were a gaff.
    If you look closely at the whatzit top.
    It is the serpent that it stops.
    The little rod shown atop this rod.
    Is killing the serpent, protecting the Lamb of God.

  19. A three pronged fork, the weapon I host,
    Represents the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

  20. I like the old bird house. Did the bird protest and move to some modern condos? LOL

    You would have heard about the Chinese revering birds' nest as a good food. Apparently, people leave their aged and weathered buildings, and th ebirds instead of nesting naturally in caves make their homes in these houses, The people then harvest the birds' nest.