Friday, September 4, 2009

Shoot-out - Doors & Windows

The task of shooting doors and windows in St. Augustine could be monumental considering the historical buildings, churches, shops and museums. I have focused on four tourist attractions, all said to be haunted, all very old. I hope you enjoy the tour of just a small slice of our town.

A new view of the St. Augustine lighthouse windows.

A glimpse of Heaven's open window along the path to Heaven's door, from atop our lighthouse.

Lightner Museum was originally built by Henry Flagler as Hotel Ponce DeLeon. It was the grandest hotel in the United States. Only the rich and famous could afford to stay there. Today it houses priceless treasures from all over the world, and relics of St. Augustine's past. Don't miss it if you come for a visit.

The floor pictured here was originally the bottom of an indoor pool for guests. You may notice the many doors and windows, below the balcony and at the balcony level.

This shot is from inside, looking out onto another wing of the building.

Many stained glass windows adorn the rooms, today.
Another attraction featured in prior posts, is Castillo De San Marcos, our old fort.
The drawbridge door leading onto the walkway over the moat was quite an engineering feat in its day.

There is another drawbridge door protecting the fort, itself.

Windows of the lookout tower were designed narrow enough to lend protection for the sentry on duty.

Some fort windows were designed to host firepower.

The fort dungeon is said to have been the site of torture and death. People say that screams can be heard from the suffering spirits that linger, even today.
Zorayda Castle, built in 1883, was originally the summer home of a Boston millionaire, Franklin Smith. It is a replica of a wing at Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, but only one tenth the size.

None of the windows in this building are the same. The ghost tour tells people that each window is unique so that the spirits that inhabit the rooms can find their way back if they go out on the town.

The front Zorayda Castle, facing the Lightner Museum.

It's kinda gaudy to look at, in my opinion.

It is unique, though.

Much Spanish influence, for sure.

A window view from inside.

St. Augustine is a rare gem and, we think, a piece of heaven. There are many treasures at the end of our rainbows. Sorry I could not highlight all of them.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. what causes the double rainbow?

    That window view from the inside reminds me of Singappore and Malaysia. They have grills on the windows and doors. When they come to New Zealand where there is no grills, they can't sleep at night.

  2. Great job Mr Gordon! There are some very cool shots in there. I LOVE the first one of the lighthouse, and also the floor of the Lightner Museum. Hmm...and that cannon at the lookout window is also very cool. Gordon - I think that I like all of these! Good job.

  3. Gordon, I love your post! The shot looking up the lighthouse is great. They don't allow you to take cameras up into our lighthouse - I'm jealous of your shot from the top!
    I like the shot from the round window, looking over to another wing of the museum.
    The stained glass window with the statue in front is beautiful.
    I really enjoyed the stories to go with the pictures. Great shoot-out!

  4. That lighthouse shot is stupendous, and I really enjoyed the pics of Zorayda Castle: all of those different windows give it such a fantastic whimsical look!
    Good thing you stopped by Ed&Reub to remind me to look at the TownShooter blog! DOH!!! I saw the Whose Town Izit earlier this week, and thought "Hey that kind of looks like Corvallis..." Just didn't think it could be true. Ha!

  5. What a treat. Stone buildings don't exist here. I have to admit the pool and the prison make claustrophobic.

  6. First off, Thanks for touring us around your place Gordon. This is another side of St Augustine, Florida. Nice shot angles too!

  7. I love that castle! so vibrant with colors.And I like the perspective of the first picture.

  8. Great Shoot Out, Gordon! My favorite is looking out the round window.
    All rainbows are double; the question is whether you can see the second arc.

  9. A lighthouse, castle and a fort in your town. Lucky you! Great shots.

  10. Oooh wonderful set of shots!! What a wonderful eye you have. I love the different perspective in your shots. I want to come visit there - how fun!!!
    Thanks for popping by mine..the eye belongs to my daughter. Sarah

  11. Oh wow, Gordon, you have some really amazing photos here!

    Have you ever submitted any to a travel place that advertises for St. Augustine? I bet they would take your photos for their brochures and websites!


  12. Gordon, very nice - the room that was once a pool is wonderful, or I should say the photo of the room, the lighting is great.... this photo should be one of this weeks photos - it is quite beautiful.

  13. Thanks for the tour of St. Augustine, it was great fun. I'm a sucker for lighthouses.

  14. You have some beautiful and historic architecture in St. Augustine, Gordon. I love the colourful designs on Zorayda Castle and great stories to go along with it. Thank you for posting these wonderful buildings!

  15. Okay Gordon, these are the most fascinating photos of windows and doors. Your town truly is a wonderful piece of architectural history. I've always heard that If I wanted to travel, that I must go to St. Augustine, Florida. I think I will put it in my top ten list of places to travel in the U. S. I am also fascinated with anything ghostly and paranormal so that just ups the rank.

    I really like the photo of the round window. Also, your first photo is so fabulous, but my most favorite is the dungeon door.

    I agree with you about the one building being gaudy to look at but it sure is interesting and fascinating.

    Have a great weekend.

  16. Great shots Gordon. I really liked the one looking out through the cirlce winodw, but the explanation as to why each window is different was the best part.

  17. Really a great array of windows and doors. I enjoyed them all.

  18. I am partial to lighthouses. love the view from the lighthouse also. fantastic shots!!

  19. Well, Gordon. Better late than never. Here it is Tuesday, and I just getting around to checking the shoot out sites. Actually, I should be on the road now, heading somewhere for a vacation, but after a week of shooting I am too tired.

    You certainly live in a great town for this week's topic. And you did a wonderful job of giving us a tour.

    You took some amazing shots this week. I love them all, but I think I like the way you captured the light coming in on the canon the best.

    The round window makes a beautiful photo, and the lighthouse rocks. Almost looks like you used a PC lens on that photo. And the view you took from the top should have been used in your "town of the week" puzzle. Gosh, unless you lived there you could imagine that being anywhere in the world.

    You should invoice the St. Augustine Tourism Bureau for that shootout.

    Have a great week, Gordon!