Monday, September 21, 2009

Shoot-out: My Favorite Thoughtful Spot

A few years ago, my wife, after a lifetime of tolerating my fishing poles, golf clubs, sports equipment, books and other things to numerous to mention, appearing in every corner of the house, said, "How would you like to take one of the five bedrooms and turn it into your own personal den?" I wondered why I hadn't thought of that, sooner. Well, she finally got rid of my clutter, and I have my own little getaway. It is my "Thoughtful Spot".
This post is about the den, but mostly about the bookshelf. As I get older, I seem to use the bookshelf more and more, and the sports equipment (except for the fishing poles) less and less. I have written a little poem for my enjoyment and, hopefully, yours.
(Photo of dead soldiers from national archives. Photos of brass bald eagle heads and Calvary from WWW. No copyright found. Other photos were shots taken of books.)

So, take your shoes off, make yourself comfortable, grab a book and enter the world of:

Beleaguered troops of gallant men
Defend our freedom in my den.
The war keeps raging on my shelf,
Where, they love country more than self.
Between the brass bald eagle heads

Front line platoons recount their dead.
My literary hideaway
Replays its scripted world each day.
Both, fact and fiction have their place,
Alongside science and outer-space.
The ledges built against the wall
Are stages, set for curtain calls.
My bookshelf houses, at no cost,
Walt Whitman, Browning, Poe, and Frost.

They chat with me beside the fire,
And, share their deepest hearts' desires
Last week, we welcomed Ogden Nash.
He is refreshing, bold and brash.
The Riders of the Purple Sage
Stampede a herd, with guns ablaze.
A dozen cowboys, maybe more,
Lie, bleeding, on my bookshelf floor.
Zane Grey stands, proudly, in his camp,
Mere inches from my reading lamp.
Last night, the forces of the crown
Amassed their arms near Concord Town.
The midnight ride of Paul Revere
Left hoof prints on my oak veneer.

The ringing of our broken bell,
Still, echoes where the Redcoats fell.
A bearded man hangs on a tree
Atop a hill called Calvary.
We read of Him, lest we forget
He suffered, here, to pay our debt.
Within my den He reigns, supreme.
The bookshelf honors Him as King.
Poetry * Copyright - Gordon Hand
Thanks for visiting. Walk with faith.


  1. What a great and pleasant surprise. your poetry is once again a pleasure and the glimpse into your private life one to remember. hugs from Brasil

  2. The reading area look so cozy! I too wanted to share the place I love to chill out at home, and one of them is my reading corner.

  3. Gordon, why don't you have your own book sitting on your shelf? You certainly have a fabulous way with words. Books are my passion and I absolutely loved your poem and your book shelves, and books.

    This is an awesome post.

  4. Always a joy to visit you, Gordon :)

    My favorite place to find nourishment is within your last but certainly not least photo †

    Bless you, friend.

  5. I am a book addict. I see you enjoy a variety also. Wonderful post.

  6. Hi there Gordon. Thank you for your sweet comment on my Simply Joyful Photos blog. I thought that maybe you may have missed my shoot outs though and wanted to give you a taste of the North, here in Vermont :)

    My shoot outs are on my main blog at Simply Heather's Blog.

    I did leave a note on the My Town main blog once about the change, but just noticed that the link for me still brings us to my other blog.

    Not sure who to contact about that, but I'm thinking that maybe you could make the change for me?? Please?

    Thank you muchly :)

  7. My 9 year old son would absolutely drool over your Tolkien shelf - he is a huge fan and started with The Hobbit when he was 7!

    I am a book lover, too, and wish I could dedicate a room to books. Someday!

  8. You never cease to amaze me Gordan. What talent and though you put into your delightful posts.
    Smiles and blessings for a lovely weekend.

  9. I, too, am a lover of books and I especially love the poem with your post. The end was the best, we shouldn't forget! :)

    Thanks for the tour around your bookshelf!

  10. I am hugely smiling and clapping!!!!

  11. what an awesome place to get lost in Gordon. Love the poem, excellent. the chair looks very comfy also.

  12. as a lover of books & God, I love this post. Great job!!!

  13. Gordon, wonderful words and photos. What a very manly selection and atmosphere you have there.

  14. Wow! Your den looks so inviting, Gordon. I love all the books. Your poem about the stories in the books is so creatively written. There is such a strong spirit and love of our Saviour in this blog. Blessings. Have a lovely weekend.

  15. A cozy room, too bad you don't have blizzards so you could snuggle in and look out at the snowy day.

  16. What a wonderful post. Not just the words of the poem but the photo that helps to tell the story. If ever I had a den (and who knows, maybe one day I may) I want it to be just like yours!

  17. Oh what a wonderful post! Your header looks like one of my shelves and the others you shared..other than Poe (makes me shiver) I love every single one!! What a lovely shootout!! Sarah

  18. I haven't read Zane Grey in a long long time. How could I have let that happen? Your favorite thoughtful spot may have led me back to one of my favorite authors.

    Thank you.

  19. What a unique and cozy take on our assignment. That is another thing I love about these assignments. We get to know each other a little better with each Friday.

    I am surprised you did not focus on fishing. I would have bet dollars to donuts that you would have had a fishing post. I am glad you didn't because it would have only reminded me of what a lousy fisherperson I am.

    Books I can relate to. I love Poe. A long time ago I read a few Zane Grey books. I do like a variety of books, especially historical books.

    Great post and poem. Gordon.

    BTW, what is Scruffy reading?

    Oh, I like the second photo the best.

    Semper Fi!

  20. Gordon and Scruffy's Man Den. All kidding aside, love the poem and the perfectly selected photos. Have a great week.

  21. Great poetry post Gordon. Thanks for offering your thoughtful spot. I grabbed some books to read and I would love to read the stars and stripes. Until next time. Wait, where's my shoes. I just left it outside. JK

  22. Patty, Scruffy is reading "1000 WAYS TO PREPARE ACORNS".

  23. Gordon, this post is spectacular.

    I cannot say more, but my heart feels full after reading this.

  24. My cozy place is going to be in my little green chair next to the river with my pen and paper in hand, and working on some poetry while the salmon jump into my bad, LOL, well maybe a little more work on my part!