Thursday, September 17, 2009


Thanks you, Sandy, for this very refreshing assignment.
I enjoyed my photographic stroll through the countryside
In my house Scruffy is, constantly,
trying to domesticate all of his friends.

A tailgate companion like
this is every man's dream.

Callie, my sister-in-law's spoiled baby.

Some dogs have devil eyes!!

Stitch, my son's 180 lb. horse, with my buddy.

Tanner, the best wonder dog, ever.

Ghost Riders in the Sky.

A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
Unless it's the famous, Mr. Ed!
(You're OLD if you know who Mr. Ed was!)

I'll never see a useless rat,
More worthless than this lazy cat.
A cat who lies around all day,
And then, at night, demands to play.

Two hens in a pen.

Double decker pigs.

Angus, down by the pond.

Reflection, rippled square.

Fat mama and curious baby.

I see T-Bone!

How, now, brown cow?

I choose to avoid trauma from a Brahma.
Thanks for visiting.


  1. I just love Scruffy. Glad you included him.

    That last cow pic is great. You weren't waving a red cape, were you?

    Tanner looks likes a special dog and that cat looks like he is spoiled.

    Stitch is cool. And Scruffy is so brave.

    Great photos, Gordon. Wish we had some cows around these parts. Or sheep. Or pigs. All we got is crabs and oysters.

  2. Very cool pictures. I went out this evening in search of cows but alas, none could be found, however, I do have one or two that I snapped earlier in the week.

    I love your lazy cat. He is so cute and fat. Of course, scruffy is always a welcome sight. Very nice.

    I also like your little poem about your lazy cat.

  3. In Brasil at the best churrascarias (barbeque restuarants - they serve the hump of the brahma - it is deliciouse.... good pics Mr Gordon-thank goodness when you get old you forget things, I can say i don't know who MR ED (the talking) horse is.... LOL

  4. Ginger, you lie! You lie!
    JarieLyn, I would not have a lazy cat!
    I would not have an industrious cat!
    I would not have a cat!
    Well....maybe under my tires. LOL

  5. I remember Mr Ed! Used to be one of my favorite show then.

    Love all your photos.

  6. New to your blog and I love it! YES I am old enough to remember Mr. Ed hehehe. I scrolled down and read some past posts...nicely taken! Another man's junk is ones treasures! Great shots.!

  7. cows cows cows!!! They're the best!
    Great post, Gordon. It's a treat to see Scruffy again - I hope he gets up to plenty of mischief.

  8. fun shots. I guess I am one of the OLD ones. we use to watch that show as a family each week. Love the cat photos - such personality.

  9. Lol. Great intro Gordon. The first photo made me laugh out loud. Callie looks like a bra really. You really had a great fun taking photos of them. Thanks for sharing.

  10. used to watch Mr. Ed all the time! the cat shot really cracked me up. and the white dog is very pretty. great shoot out!!

  11. I think we all remember Mr. Ed. Our group is the little older group. I too love that lazy cat and your poem. Great group of photo's for this week.

  12. Gordon, you've found lots of great shots but I really think I'm loving Stitch, just because...he's my kind of dog for sure. This was fun :)

  13. The nicest thing about a coconut
    Is that it sits right there on its b_ _ _ _
    Take your time to focus right
    It'll smile for you all day and night!

    (Obviously my animal subjects were rather wiggly!)

  14. That white dog is BEAUTIFUL! And the lazy cat...too funny!

    Scruffy is so helpful and thoughtful. :)

  15. I haven't seen a Brahma for so long, that shot took me back. Or maybe Mr Ed had already done that. I still love the Brahma with his humps and droopy ears, despite the fact a Brahma is the only cow that ever frightened me. Yours look friendly enough, though. Lovely, fun shoot out. Thanks !

  16. I used to love Mr Ed ..he was a star even here in Australia when I was a kid.

    That last shot of those cows are very strange!!

  17. "A horse is a horse, of course, of course..... " Mr. Ed? Delightful! Scruffy
    is multitalented and I wish I could teach my dog to walk around the house carrying tools and utensils. Your pups are adorable. I enjoyed visiting, thank you, Gordon!

  18. Great shoot-out, Gordon. That dog/horse is huge! Love the cow on your header.

  19. As usual a great post Gordon! You know I love being in the wild with things that have nicknames like brisket and such, LOL!

  20. Fantastic, I have sooo enjoyed all the blogs this week. Gotta love that lazy cat!

  21. What fun! A photo of Scruffy riding on the back of one of Brahamas would have been cute, maybe even worth the trauma...